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The texture used and showed behind the driver. The usual background is sky but it can also be switched to ground, brick and all the other available mask textures. It can also be altered by using an LGR. In elma versions since 1.2 there has been an option to set default background to sky and foreground to ground. This is sometimes useful for example in headbanger where the brick background is irritating.
When you break the rules of Moposite, Mopolauta, irc channel or have cheated in a contest, you'll be banned. Durations differ from one day to a year, also there's the final eternal ban.
A battle (or balle) is a contest mainly playable on irc which consists in hoyling a level for a short period of time. Statistics are made with the results and are available by typing stats nick. There were also mopobattles which were bigger and advertised beforehand and there were better statistics available. Nowadays almost all the battling is played in belma. Before belma, there were mainly only one possible battle mode, where each player played the given unforeseen level for the given time and told the best time he got. Nowadays in belma there are also first finish battles, where the winner is the one who finishes the level first, one-life battles where you can try only once, slowness battle where you have to finish the lev as slowly as possible and survivor battle where you have to stay alive as long as possible. All these can be also crippled which means that you are not able to use throttle or turn or brake or rotate keys. The battle can also be hidden which means that you can't see other players.
The sound your keyboard generates when it can't replicate your key presses. You are recommended to change your keys or even the keyboard to avoid this.
More in Tweaking page.
belma (Battle ELasto MAnia, ballelma) is a patch created by milagros which allows you to play battles online on the Internet. To play belma, you need to register to http://b.attle.info (which is down at the moment, registeration is not needed now) and download belma patch from zworqy's site. For more info, see mopolauta,veezay's installation instructions and join #ballelma in IRCnet. belma shouldn't be confused with EOL, which is meant for multiplaying (only for 2 players).
TBike is the vehicle the kuski uses to drive through levels. The bike in elma is few pixels taller than in Across. That's why it might be impossible to play some old across level in elma.
Black list
A shame list for people who cheated.
Cheating page
A trick where you pressure one of the wheels and then press brake to release the pressure. You can practice bounces in the Playing section. Bounce was originally deemed as bug, but when people started to know how to make it on purpose, it revealed lots of new style possibilities. Nowadays it belongs to every hyl's trick gallery. Bounce should be distinguished from a bug bounce, which happens sometimes when you are trying bounce. A bug bounce is a unnaturally powerful bounce which can't be predicted. It is sometimes hard to make a clear difference between a normal bounce and a bug bounce. For example current enigma wrs have a controversial bounces. There has been discussion should they be allowed or not. But it's hard to draw line which bounce is buggy and which is not. That's why all enigma bounces are allowed so far, but generally a bug bounce is not allowed.
By braking you can lock both of the wheels. Braking can many times used to get more speed. Correct use of brakes is one of the hardest skills in elma. See Playing section.
Brutal volt
Volt that is usually made from flat ground. First you pressure your back wheel and brake. Then you volt so that you can make a full volt on flat ground. See Playing section.


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