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Sometimes used to mean a level, sometimes the navigator (minimap).
In the level editor you can use a mask to cover a certain area in a level with a texture of your choice. Masks can be configured to cover only ground, only sky or both.
In Elma you can merge many different things. You can merge recs with elma 1.2 with the 'merge replays' option (see them at the same time). Stats (txt files) can be merged with mergestats. Levels can be merged with ALE. You can merge your internal level times by renaming the other state.dat to merge.dat and running elma.exe.
Mongo, mango, bango, bungo. If your level is said to be mongo, then it's bad.
Mopolauta is Finnish and it means a motor bike board. It's the name of the Elasto Mania discussion board on Moposite. It's the main Elasto Mania forum in the Internet. Check it here.
Mopo means a motor bike in Finnish.
MUe text
There is a MUe text in bowling. You can get there by taking a gravity apple and heading up right. Although it might be hard to find, it's not an official secret area.
Opposite of single playing. You can play flat tag and normal multiplayer game in elma. You can also play multiplayer game online with elma online (EOL). You can see multiplayer wrs in official SveinR's multiwr table.


This website (Moposite) has been in hibernation since c. 2006.

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