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First Finish battle
First Finish battle (ff) is a battle mode in belma where the winner is the kuski who finishes the level first. One second + lag will be added to your time. The second is due to the one second freezing when you touch the flower. You can try again as many times as you want, contrary to one-life battle. There is a 60-second countdown to start so that everyone could start playing at the same moment.
Flag Tag
This is a game mode for multiplaying. The objective is to hold a flag on your bike while the opponent tries to grab it back, or if your opponent has it you have to take it from him. Each player has their own timer telling for how long in total they have held the flag. You grab the flag by touching one of the opponent's wheels with one of your own. If you die your opponent gets the flag and you respawn at the start. There is a bug if you rotate the bike when you are respawning: the rotation remains and lets you make some volts in the beginning which you couldn't normally make. Flag Tag can be played by 2 people on the same computer or online using the EOL patch by milagros.
The level is finished by touching a flower. With ALE you can make multi flower levels. In such levels it doesn't matter which flower you pick.


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