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O-bounce is a special bounce invented by The OooO. It is possible only if you are driving down a rail and press brake just before the rail ends. More info in the Playing section.
An object is an interactive graphic in the game. The three main objects in the game are the apples, the killers and the flower.
Official levelpack
Official levelpack (OLP) is a levelpack which consists of the best levels sent to Csaba (Balazs's brother). The levels to the pack were chosen by MUe.
See Official levelpack.
One-life battle
A battle mode in belma where you have only one try. There is a 60-second countdown and you have to be present at second 0 to be able to play it.
Online mode
See belma and EOL


This website (Moposite) has been in hibernation since c. 2006.

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