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The idea of this site is to provide important or not-that-important information, news, stuff and even some fun related to 2D motorcycle game named Elasto Mania and its predecessor, Action SuperCross. For more detailed information, screenshots and requirements of the games themselves, check the info pages mentioned earlier.

On this site, you can find several contests, bunch of new levels to play, loads of replays (saved drives so you can see for an example of how to complete levels), official and not-that-official records lists (such as the official World Record list), graphics addons to the games (skins and LGRs) and lots of other interesting stuff.

Since the release of Action SuperCross, or more familiarly Across, in 1997 and Elasto Mania (Elma), in the year 2000, the community has been growing rapidly. The community that started out from a few dedicated people, has grown up to a whole system of thousands of players. The community actively creates new material and even makes updates for the game, arranges many different kinds of competitions, hosts many different websites with statistics of times on levels, and even have both national and international meetings regularly and much more.

The scene consists of various things, such as teams which are groups of people who play the games, getting advance of others in the team, by sharing replays or developing new styles etc. Many teams have their own websites, you can access them via the Links page. Other important area of the scene is #across channel on IRCnet where discussion is relatively free, eventhough it's controlled by older players as channel moderators.

We, the staff of this site, indeed are conscious of the problem that too much of this site is understandable for an inside group only. Having ourselves been involved since the beginning, it's a bit hard to think from an outside view, but we are trying our best. If you think you're willing to play the games and understand the site at least a bit, why wouldn't you add yourself to the Players section. The section has a lot of indepth information about lifes of the players who play these games. On our behalf, we welcome you all to the world of Across and Elma. In the beginning you'll most likely find out that Across and Elma require a lot of patience and try again until you get it right attitude, we'll try our best to aid you in your quest for fun in this community.

Something still not clear? Check out the Help page and Mopolauta online discussion area, ask your question there or check if it already has been answered. Other choice is the IRC channel. Or then you can just ask questions and give feedback via our forms. We will try to answer your questions.


This website (Moposite) has been in hibernation since c. 2006.

Still active parts:

  1. WR table
  2. Across WR table
  3. Special levels NEW
  4. Mopolauta forum
  5. Archive ACTIVE
  6. Total times (HOT)
  7. History (research)


  1. Speedrun (34:21,73) NEW (54/54 WR)
  2. Elma Online (EOL)
  3. Across WR statistics
  4. Official website
  5. Discord chat and #across (IRCnet)


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