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A table is a collection of times. Usually it consists of a single levelpack times. The intention is to get as many records in a table as possible. A good example of a table is the current WR table.
Timer is displayed in upper-right corner of the screen while playing a level or watching a replay. Can be turned off.
Total time
It's calculated from the best times of each times of the 54 levels in stats.txt (Elma directory). Skipped levels mean 10 minutes extra. On Moposite total time isn't accepted unless all the internal levels are finished.
Certain impressive performances in Elma that require more or less skill, such as combinations of bounces, brutal volts, pipe driving, hanging and so one.
Turning the motorcycle left or right is done by using the turn button. Default is the space bar.
Tweaking your computer's settings can alter the physics of Elma. While being quite useful for the more advanced players, tweaking is not very effective for beginners. An example is the vsync tweak.
Tweaking section


This website (Moposite) has been in hibernation since c. 2006.

Still active parts:

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  2. Across WR table
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  1. Speedrun (34:21,73) NEW (54/54 WR)
  2. Elma Online (EOL)
  3. History of Elasto Mania (1995-2018)
  4. Across WR statistics
  5. Official website
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  7. Discord chat and #across (IRCnet)
  8. Total times list (inactive)


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