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As most of you know, we don't take this game too seriously ... or do we? Some do and obviously some don't (or the other way around), and thus this section needed to be written. Alot of players have tried the Nitro patch for Elma at some point, most of them just for the brief fun it offers. Sadly there are those who have used it to help them in cheating better times. Over time there have been several players who have tried different ways of cheating, but as it is with all illegal activities, you always get caught at some point.

However, in ours and the community's view is that cheating in Elma is hardly worth the effort. This is simply because the community isn't based on sponsors or anything, but only those who out of their own will spend alot of their time in trying to give others a better time in playing - whether it's making levels, holding different types of contests, creating LGRs or by figuring out new styles. You cannot get any money or other benefits from cheating in Elma, instead you'll only ruin your own reputation and spoil other players fun and hard work. Unfortunately there are and even more sadly will be always those who think cheating is the best way. Shame on them.

One of the most efficient ways of preventing cheated times so far in contests held by others than Moposite, has been a rule that anyone sending results must send both their replay and the level the replay was driven on. Eventhough this increases the work required to be done by the organisers. Theoretically it is possible to check every single replay for cheats, but we don't have the resources to do so yet - so for the time being, the more sophisticated cheat detection is only used for the most important generally appreciated parts of our community such as World Records and World Cups. Contest organizers are allowed to contact us about suspicious replays, but bear in mind that our resources are limited, so please consider the situation thoroughly before doing so.

In this section, you can read about the short history of cheating that's been witnessed in the Across and Elma scene so far.


DyRoX 20-01-2006 state.dat editing, fake nicks 20-01-2007 Free
DarMoeD 05-08-2004 56 WRs and the victory of World Cup 4 05-08-2005 Free
Nostrada 28-12-2002 40 WRs Never Banned
EML 28-12-2002 many WRs Never Banned
mrickx 28-12-2002 many WRs 28-12-2003 Free
Elmander 28-12-2002 1 WR (Steppes) - Free
Totalnewbie 28-12-2002 3 WRs (Pipe, Animal Farm, Framework) - Free
Ambulance 28-12-2002 2 WRs (Pipe and Tricks Abound) - Free
Karlis 28-12-2002 3 WRs (Tag, Gravity Ride, Turnaround) - Free
zyntifox 28-12-2002 2 WRs (Flat Track and Sink) - Free
oizo 28-12-2002 1 WR (Loop-de-Loop) - Free
Samu 2002 1 WR (Flat Track) - Free
onlainari 2000 1 WR (Warm Up) - Free
MoSH-MaN 2000 1 WR (Warm Up) - Free

Rules and punishments

  • Playing ban is usually for one year, during that time the player is not allowed to participate in any of the Moposite contests
  • All cheated or otherwise incorrect times will be fixed in the lists and statistics if a player is caught cheating
  • Playing under a new name if you're already banned or cheating again results in being banned forever
  • These rules can be redefined if they are seen to be insufficient or otherwise inappropriate


Across days, 1998-2000

The oldest cheat program is the level unlocker. It has been used from the beginning of the scene (year 1998). The bad thing is that you cannot see who is using and who is not. Almost everybody had it and used - so basicly it was silently approved by the community.

The first serious cheat patch was called mod.com. News of the mod.com was written on the 2. December 1999. The patch allowed you to rotate without the normal delay between two rotates, also acceleration was boosted. In addition you didn't have to collect apples to finish levels. Immortality wasn't featured. World Records weren't possible to achieve using the mod.com patch, but improving total times was possible because no replays were required for submitting total times. To put it briefly, mod.com patch was a sort of state.dat editor. To prevent the use of this patch, Moposite and several other contests started to require a replay when sending results. Many lists on Moposite got closed because we didn't have time to check all replays. Nowadays it's not a problem.

Elma days, 2000-

state.dat editor was the first cheat program for Elma, and it appeared for the first time a few months after the game was released in the spring of 2000. As the name implies, the state.dat editor allowed to edit times in the state.dat. The changes in state.dat can be detected by asking for replays. Modifying your times can only save you 0,02 seconds so it's not exactly useful anyway. state.dat editing can be also used in a legal way if there are bug times or some other errors in your state.dat. Bug time remover (BRemover) does that and its use is allowed.

When Nitro patch got spread (June 2000) it was very popular among players. Probably because it had a cheat protection which added 10 minutes to each replay that was driven using it, and therefore it was thought to be safe because in the released state it couldn't have been used to gain any special advantage. With Nitro patch you were able to drive insane drives with immortality, higher acceleration, spinning, gravity and it also featured a navigator window which size could be changed. Nitro patch was also the first program in Across and Elma history to offer an opportunity to merge two single replays into one multi replay, the benefit from this being that you could compare the two replays side by side and see which way was faster. Also the patch supported slow motion in watching replays. But later on we had to illegalize Nitro patch because it was noticed that it was too easy to remove the 10 minutes protection. You can read more about it on Mopolauta.

The first bigger cheating spectacle was when Nostrada and mrDJ got caught (3. March 2001). They used a Nitro-like program, one of the main exceptions being that it didn't add anything to driven times. In total, they achieved in getting nine WRs, until table #59, before they got caught. In addition to the patch for driving replays, they also used the state.dat editor to edit in cheated times.

In late of October 2002 (Mopolauta) milagros and MGen developed a new anti-cheat tool which resulted in some more players being caught, after a few months of checking, even more people got caught. This led to it being called the New cheating wave (29. Dec 2002). In the end mrDJ and Nostrada got caught again and they were banned from Moposite lists forever. mrickx had cheated all his WRs and even used other nicks (Tutin, Quido) to send in more WRs. Also Karlis, zyntifox, Totalnewbie, Elmander and oizo had cheated some WRs. Because mrickx's cheating was somewhat more serious we decided to ban him for one year and the rest cheaters only had to live with themselves and the loss of their reputation as being ligitimate players. Details on cheating methods used are not public information, as we consider it to be more effective in avoiding more cheating. There have also been some other, not-so-serious, cheats in contest but those players aren't listed in the Black list but all of the detected cheated times were fixed or removed.

Almost undoubtedly the most accomplished player of his time and actually even in the whole history of these games, DarMoeD, got caught on cheating in the 5. August 2004. milagros, one of the main people in the anti-cheating group, found a few DarMoeD replays, analyzed them and found out that each of them was cheated. All his WR replays were checked (56), WCup4 replays and other smaller contest replays and finally it proved that everything was cheated. He used the saveload: once you drive a good start you can save it and then play the next part of the level and again save when it's good and so on. DarMoeD didn't deny anything. He was given a one-year ban and forced to return his WCup4 prizes. Read more on Mopolauta.

In Elma level unlocker became more approved and finally in the version 1.2 (released in the beginning of the 2005) it was supported as a feature in the patch itself. The internal level unlocker was released long before that, actually you don't need any program to get internal levels as external levels to train difficult parts. You can find detailed instructions on how to extract them from the FAQ. The aim of legalizing these so called cheats was to give everyone the same possibility since the original unlocker is widely spread already.

However, there is one method we cannot stop: driving times to your friend's state.dat under his name, or in similar vein, driving some contest in their name. But that's just something we have to live with, hopefully it isn't very common, since it doesn't exactly fit the spirit of the game.

There have also been alot of discussion about the unofficial patches. Versions 1.11h, 1.11hb and 1.2 have been approved by Moposite. We have thought about these decisions carefully, but if your opinion about the matter differs from ours, feel free to drop a line on Mopolauta. It's not about disrespecting the real author of the games, on the contrary, it's about extending the games lifespan by tending to the needs of the players by supporting useful and legitimate additions to the game.

DyRoX has created several fake identities and edited his state.dats in during 2002-2006.


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