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The kuski's head is the only part of the driver that causes death when it touches directly a polygon. You can make the head go through walls by using nitro patch's invulnerability option (which works only with elma 1.0 and which is forbidden to use generally). Head's position is always little bit closer to front wheel. That means that you can avoid dying to a wall sometimes by turning your head.
If you touch one apple with two wheels (or one wheel and head, or two wheels and head) at the same time the game thinks you took two apples instead of one and thereby lets you finish the level without taking all the apples. In belma this bug has been fixed partly so that you can still finish without taking all the apples, but if you do so, you don't get your time into results.
The term was originally invented by Nikke years ago (1998). It means a person who plays and plays and plays and plays and plays. Some höyläs can even play a single track for hours without break, when something goes not-perfectly, a quick press of Esc and a new try.


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