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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of contents

Table of contents


Elasto Mania

Action SuperCross



1. Why does a level sometimes finish eventhough all apples haven't been taken yet?

It's a well-known bug, which exists also in Across. If you take one apple exactly same time with both wheels the game thinks you took two apples instead of one. In Long Haul, Animal Farm and Hooked it's most likely to happen. Email the author of the game and tell to fix this bug. You can remove the bug times by Bug times remover. Also known as Hooked-bug.

The bug is also used in the Pick and skip level design trick, invented by MP.

2. Can you give me the registered version?

Nope. Elma and Across are such great games that you really should pay for them. $9.95 isn't that much. And also it would be illegal.

3. What are teams for?

The main idea of teams is that friends can play together, compare times and exchange replays inside the team and that way develop their skills. You don't have to do anything special to make your own team, just decide the name and add your team letters after your nicks. Of course you can make a team site if you know HTML.

4. Why aren't the WRs available as replays?

The driver of the record decides whether he/she share their replays or not. So, if someone doesn't want to share their replays, we cannot publish them.

5. How many hours do the professional players play during a day?

It varies very much. Someone plays the game over 50 hours in a week but most of the good players play less than 15 hours.

6. How long do I have to play to get a world record?

Average players have to play several months or even years, to reach a level where they can drive WRs. After that learning period you just have to höyl one level over and over (for days, weeks or even months) to get the WR. But when you are a real professional you don't have to höyl so much. Many kuskis have said they had taken a WR in a few hours (a claim that's under constant debate on whether or not it's actually so).

7. What cheats do professional players use for getting those unbelievable times?

None. They use exactly same game and settings that come with Elma. The difference is that they have played for so long time that they master the bike behaviour. There have been and still are (most likely) cheaters among the players, but that's rare and they are banned when caught.

8. I want to create my own LGR, how can I?

Read our LGR page for more information.

9. What is supervolt / alovolt / brutal volt?

Actually Glossary is the place for odd Elma terms but they mean three certain tricks.

10. Tell me about vsync and tweaking.

Vsync (vertical synchronization), the main tweaking issue is about graphic card settings. It can be ON or OFF. Read on Mopolauta which graphic cards support changing it and how to do it. Also there is a vsync list of the internal levels. Players say that vsync OFF gives you a better grip and bounces, but still some people want to use vsync ON. Usually the differences are not big so it's best to find out for yourself which way is best for you. In theory the vsync ON means that the FPS is limited by the refresh rate and on OFF the FPS is not limited by monitor. More about the vsync on Digital Silence site.

Moposite has a Tweaking page as well.

Elasto Mania

1. Too many levels / replays / LGRs crash Elma! There are other similar problems.

Download the newest patch and upgrade your Elma.

2. When will Elma 2 be ready? I want the x feature to the game!

Read the New versions? page for more information. Also this subject has its own forum on Mopolauta.

3. Can I have Elma internal levels as external levels?

Yes, rename some external level file to QWQUU0xx.lev where xx is the number of the internal level you want. Then just run the game and go to the level editor. If you want to change the level and play it you have to save as different name.

4. How to set gravity in levels?

In the level editor take a Move tool and click with your right button on the apple, there you can choose the gravity. Most people dislike gravity so use it carefully and with proper arrows that point which way the apples gravity is (if it changes the currently active gravity). More on the Designing page.

5. How to make grass in levels?

Now it's time to open the readme.txt of the game, search for the word grass and you get the answer. More tips on the Designing page.

6. Can I merge several state.dats to one?

Yes. Rename another state.dat to merge.dat and open Elma (so you have one state.dat and one merge.dat in your Elma directory). After quitting the game you have times merged to state.dat but note that the program doesn't understand same times. So if you have same times in top10 in one or both of the state.dats they'll get messed up, only one of them will stay. This is a bug and should be fixed in the next versions of the game. After merging you can remove the merge.dat.

7. How to take a screenshot in Elma?

Just press I-key (by default) while playing and the picture appears to your Elma directory in PCX format. It works in level editor as well.

8. When I finish a level the game gives an error message: Could not open for write file!: state.dat or Could not open file!

Choose all Elma files with mouse and click right button. Select Properties and disable the read only.

9. Can Elma be run on a unix-based system?

Yes, read the instructions. There is also an Elma versions for FreeBeOS and PocketPC.

10. Elma is lagging under XP.

Elma was programmed to Win98. It has a bug which affects the lagging under XP. The bug is fixed in the Elma 1.2 version. To get even smoother Elma you need to tweak your system a bit more. Read more on the Tweaking page.

11. Why can't I watch all my replays to the end?

All replays stop at 5 minutes, that's the maximum lenght of the replay files. We also hope for an improvement in the next versions of the game.

12. How many secret areas are there in the internal levels?

Five (5). On Moposite you can find replays to see how to drive to them, but don't watch them before trying to find out them yourself (we don't link them here on purpose). Yet, in He He and Turnaround you cannot find any official secret areas. MUe text in Bowling isn't a secret area either.

13. I lost my state.dat!


14. How can I see the exact time of the replay?

By using some external program like elmatim0r.

15. Elma 1.2 isn't working. Just a grey screen, when I try to run the game.

How about reading the readme.txt for installation instructions?

16. I can't finish Apple Harvest / Tricks Abound / and so on. Could you please help me?

Our Replays section might be useful for this. Also the Playing page could be helpful.

17. The replays which I just downloaded don't work, what to do?

Just the first 18 levels are available in shareware version so only the replays for those levels work in shareware version. Also note that Elma replays don't work in Across and Across replays in Elma eventhough Across levels work in Elma. The place for REC files is a sub-directory named rec under Elma directory. To watch replays you need to run Elma.exe, then go to Replays in the Main Menu and choose the replay you want to watch.

18. How can I play the levels I downloaded from the site?

You need a registered version to play the external levels (some of the levels which are available on Moposite may work with shareware version too). Extract the ZIP and put the level files to your lev directory which is under Elma directory. Then run the game, go to Play in Main Menu and scroll up. Choose the External File and browse the level you want to play.

19. How do I use another LGR?

Rename it to Default.lgr, move it to lgr directory under Elma directory. That LGR will be used in internal levels and external levels which doesn't have another LGR assigned to it. You can also use lgrlist.txt or make own levels for non-default LGRs. More on LGR creating page.

20. What programming language was used to code Elma?


21. Where can I find a walkthrough for Elma?

Replays are the only thing that can be considered as a walkthrough for Elma.

22. How can I do the tricks and styles which other players use in their replays?

Practice makes perfect, so play alot, watch replays and try to figure out how things are done. Doesn't sound too simple but it really is as simple as that.

Action SuperCross

1. Across is lagging under XP.

A well-known bug. The only solution so far is to use Win98 for Across or to create a bootable DOS-CD or diskette.

2. How can I get a registered version of Across?

First you have to buy Elasto Mania. Then you can ask Across from balazs2 from elastomania dot com, the author of Across and Elma. In your email please include your Elasto Mania order name, and an approximate order date.

3. Why can't I watch all my replays to the end?

All replays stop at 4 minutes, that's the maximum lenght of Across replay files.

4. Why can't I see all my levels in the external levels list?

There's a limit of 600 external levels in Across, also make sure that the files are in the same directory with ACROSS.EXE.

5. How to see the exact time of the replay?

You can't. By pressing T-key in the game, you can see the time but the replays' times accuracy is about 0,02 - 0,04 seconds.

6. How to take screenshots?

Create an empty file (size 0 bytes) named snap.en into Across directory and then press I-key while playing. The shot will come to Across directory as Snap??.pcx.

7. Do people still play Across?

Not really. Only for nostalgic reasons. It's a pity that Across is not working under XP. But some players still break Across WRs, years after Elma was released.


1. Why do you use the stupid EE(S)T timezone on the site?

Because the server locates in Finland and most of the Elma players are living on the same time zone (Finnish, Hungarian).

2. Who maintains the site? Where it is?

Abula and px own Moposite. Geographically the site locates in Finland, hosted by Sigmatic Oy. More facts on Moposite information page.

3. Why don't you update the x?

It has lower priority than some other things on the site / in our non-Elma lives. We are always trying our best to update sections. As long as the site is free to use, we won't be stressing with deadlines etc. So be patient.

4. What is the difference between external and internal links?

External links are ones that redirect you outside of Moposite, for example http://www.google.com. By default they are opened in a new window and an external link icon is displayed next to the link. The settings can be changed in Settings.

Internal links are links inside Moposite, for example Main page. They are always opened in the same window.

5. What is the difference between base and temporary filters?

Base filters customize the way news items are displayed on the News page. If you want to temporarily filter more strictly or set a filter that completely overrides the base filters you can do it by using the temporary filters on the News page.

In general, filters are used for setting up personal rules on which news the user wants to see. For an example you can choose to see all news of the Records section but only the most important news of the Contests section. By default all filters are set up for Medium in all categories. In addition filters don't have an affect to Headlines displayed in the left column or RSS feed.

6. Can I edit my own comments?

Yes, within an hour after commenting. Then it's closed. Reasons for this policy are: 1) opportunity to fix typos and 2) restraint to edit old comments to something nasty.

Comments under your pages (Identity, Gallery) can be removed by you whenever you want.

7. How are Visits, Time spent and comments calculated in a player identity page?

The Visit means a certain number of page loads in row anywhere on Moposite by a user who is logged in (manually typed his user name and password or by using a cookie). The longest allowed duration between the page loads is 300 seconds in one visit. If the 300 seconds limit is exceed the visit is closed and the next page load will start a new visit.

The periods between first and last page loads of the Visits are summed to produce the Time spent value. A visit containing only one page load is a special case which adds 30 seconds to the Time spent.

People have different kind of surfing manners. Someone reloads a page, does something else then returns to read a bit more, then does something else again when someone else might open the page, immediately read it through and close the page. These example people would get quite different Visit and Time spent statistics but in the end they should be quite realistic.

Written comments means all comments written by the user in question including both News and Community sections. Received comments are those which are written under the Identity or Gallery pages of the user in question.

8. What does Active mean in the Community section?

The last time the player was logged in to Moposite of certain nation, team or any other group which the player belongs to.

9. How to create a new nation? Or get granted to the nation admin? What is the difference of nation, nationality, location and country?

To create a nation a player must contact us. We haven't included all the nations to the lists because the truth is that there are players only from a few dozens. The lists would be quite huge for nothing.

If you have a suggestion of a player who could be a suitable nation admin for your nation please inform us. The player should be motivated, able to write in English and clean background (no bans, no cheating).

Nation, nationality and nat mean all same on Moposite. For different reasons we use them all disorganized, sorry for that. By location we define where the player lives. By default the location means a city but we also use a country to specify the city (there might be same named cities in different countries).

In the lists nationality is the one that matters, not the place you live in. For example an American living in Helsinki (Finland) uses USA in the lists of Moposite, not FIN. Players with dual nationality decide themselves which one they want to use.

10. How to join or create a team or change team information?

To join a team you must Request to join the team. The link to do that is under Functions in certain team page. For example FM. After that the admin of the team must accept you so contact him (drop a comment to his Identity for example). You can be requesting only one team at once. Don't quit your old team before you have been accepted to the new team. Otherwise you will have team none in your team history.

To create a new team is done via Create new team link under Functions in Team section. You are allowed to create a new team once in 90 days. Creating a new team makes you quit automatically your current team if there is one.

Team admins can edit team information, kick members, accept and reject new members. By default the first member of the team (usually the creator) is the admin but it can be changed and there can also be several admins. Contact us in the matter of these.

11. Which comments am I watching?

By default you watch your own Identity and Gallery comments. It's also possible to enable (and disable) any team, nation, city or news item to watch. You can also watch all the News item comments through Settings.


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