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Means impossible. Usually pipes are said to be impsy because they many times look impossible for noobs.
Internal error
When the bike stretches too much, Elma will crash eventually. It will report an internal error (error.txt). There's no fix for this. Internal error is kind of generalized error message that is given every time some error has occurred in elma. For example opening corrupted level or trying to save rec file when rec folder doesn't exist will cause internal errors.
Internal level
Internal levels are the levels inside the game that Csaba made, the official levels (Warm Up, Flat Track etc.)
Invisible polygons are created by making them exceedingly thin, so they won't be rendered on the screen. Generally, the use of this is disagreeable. See Designing section.
Internet Relay Chat. In IRC there are several Elma related channels, like #across, #battle, and #ballelma. You can just talk there about elma or ask questions, but it isn't limited to that. More info at Wikipedia.


This website (Moposite) has been in hibernation since c. 2006.

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  1. Speedrun (34:21,73) NEW (54/54 WR)
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