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Pick and skip
Pick and skip is a new level format which was caused by the hooked-bug. When you insert a pipe in the beginning of the level and some apples so that you get them with both wheels, you can skip the same amount of apples from the rest apples. For example, if you put 2 apples to the start pipe and have 5 apples totally (3 apples somewhere else in the level) you have to pick only 1 apple because the 2 apples in the beginning are counted twice. This means you can skip 2 apples. This idea was first time used in cup level in MP's WCup512 level. See Designing section.
Pictures are graphics in the level editor to spice the look of your level up. Most of the players have graphics disabled when playing.
Pipe is a tunnel which is so narrow that you can't drive normally. Instead, you have to drive sideways. The first pipe level was made by px and first non-linear by Abula. Driving pipe levels is much different from other playing and you have to practice it separately. Since people learned to play pipe levels, there has always been one special pipe event in each world cup. There are pipe levels in the Playing section too.
A polygon is an assembly of vertexes that creates a solid surface that affects wheels and head. If your head touches a polygon, kuski will die.
The state.dat is protected so that you can't read it directly. Instead, you can see your times in stats.txt which is updated every time you exit elma. It's only an output file and the real times are stored in the state.dat file.


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