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A wheel rail or a bunch of tiny polygons inserted to the start of the lev to get a big starting speed. Usually used by noobs. See special level 1 in Playing section.
Centered camera
An original Elma camera is positioned that the kuski sees more space in front of the bike than behind. Centered camera feature moves the camera to center which removes the annoying camera moving to left and right when turning the bike. It was presented in the Elma version 1.2.
Each picture has a clipping. It can be either ground, sky or both which means that they can be seen only on ground (like big brick mask), only on sky (like trees) or on both. See Designing section.
Contests are competitions which the fans of the game have invented and are maintaining. There are many kind of contents: cups, battles, kinglists, level designing contests... The first contests were made in the 1998 by px. Usually the same player has both made the levels and updates the page of the records.
Levels, replays and states may get corrupted. When such a file contains corrupted data, it's not usable anymore. So if you have important level, replay or state.dat files, always back them up, because there's no fix for it.
Crippled battle
A Crippled battle is a battle mode in belma where you can't use some of the bike's features (gas/throttle, brake, turn, volt/rotate). There is a crippled internals WR table on 8-ball's page
A cup is a specific kind of contest with a number of events. Each event the participants play a level to make a best time, trying to end as high in the list possible. Points are counted and when the cup ends the one with the most points wins (this differs from the usual meaning of cup where the participants knock each other out of the competition). Commonly, points are also counted for teams. The first cup was World Cup by px, other famous cups are mastercups by team TAP, mopokups by zworqy and los cups by Xhomaz. Russian scene has also arranged a bunch of cups.


This website (Moposite) has been in hibernation since c. 2006.

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  1. Speedrun (34:21,73) NEW (54/54 WR)
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  3. History of Elasto Mania (1995-2018)
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