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Name:Flowertouching Men
Admins:Abula, Karlis, Tisk, mr, dz
Created:27. June 2007 (Abula)
Last time edited:13. January 2011 (Abula)
Last time active:Yesterday (Abula)
Number of players:6
Old logos:-

Our team was formed at the end of year 1999. The last wc2k events were on. Back then we were all playing in different teams, Psy was in Fed., Jokke and Karlis were in HC, Luni and Ufo in AA, Stene in tLD and Yees in SOA.

Then Stene left tLD, he was planning to form a team with his friend Yees. At the same time Psy left Fed.

Stene started asking people for members. I guess everyone felt the same, they weren't about to join before they heard about our other members, and that changed their minds. That's how it all got started.

Then all we needed was a name and a web site. It took about a week or two before we ended up with the Flowertouching Men, and there were a lot of other great names to choose from, such as Leather Acrossers, the Vertex Dancers, Luni and Friends, the Number 8's, World Record Factory, Generation Höylä, The Wheel Blockers etc. Of course all names are copyrighted to us :).

What about the first FM site? Ufo's friend called Kafka said he could make one, and a lots of thanks to him from the work. It was one of the longest site projects ever, not because the site took so long to make, but because only ufo and Kafka had the site, and Ufo didn't have modem, so he couldn't mail it to psy, and we needed to see each other in IRC to talk about how it works etc.

We got a lot of motivation from playing in the same team, and when you look at the wc2k results you can easily see it. All the 6 wc2k-playing members were in top10, and we took a double victory, Luni won the cup and Psy came in second. Every playing member won at least one event, and our members won 7 events in a row, of course some of them were driven when we were still in our old teams.

Then Elma came and again everything was changed. We really liked the game, we had 25 WRs in the first table.

We saw how terrible our team looked at the WR-list without a logo. So we were thinking of a spinning flower, too bad none of us were a graphician, so we couldn't make the logo. Several months later Psy asked Tuska from our "enemy" team MC to make the logo, and after a few different looking logos we ended up with the current one, see it here.

Stene and YeeS left FM in the beginning of year 2000. World Cup 3 began in summer same year and FM did very well, Luni won, Karlis was third and Jokke fourth in the final results. We also took a new member, Sathy, during world cup 3 and Stene did a comeback. After world cup 3 FM took many new WRs and had 14 of them in the beginning of 2001.

Then psy and Karlis went to army and we hadn't seen Luni or Ufo for a long time so the team was getting quite inactive. At some time during the year, we no longer considered Ufo and Luni official team members because we hadn't heard anything from them for a long time. Then Tisk joined FM and shortly after, Stene was kicked and Psy and Sathy left our team. FM started getting more active after Karlis and Jokke got out of the army and at Finnish Elma meet in the summer of 2002, we took two new members, mr and Abula.

World Cup 4 is almost over and FM is leading again the team competition. In the final results Jokke, Karlis and Abula will be in top10 and mr and Tisk in top20. We currently have 6 WRs and the second best team total time. Even though we got to know Karlis' three cheated WRs in the past, FM is still going strong and we are looking forward to the future for the new challenges of the year 2003.

During the years 2003-2007 we have decreased the Elma playing and are slowly moved to grandpas level. In the current WR table (22. Aug 2007) we have only one WR: Hang Tight by mr. dz joined FM in April 2003 and Jokke quitted in 28. Aug 2006. In WCup5 we placed third in team competition.

New membah: MP!


1999-12-01FM was created by Karlis, Ufo, psy, YeeS, Stene, Jokke, Dr_Luni
2000-03-07YeeS quits
2001-02-26Ufo and Dr_Luni quits
2001-06-01Sathy joins
2001-09-04Stene quits
2001-10-22Tisk joins
2001-11-19Sathy and psy quits
2002-08-06Abula and mr joins
2003-04-20dz joins
2005-08-28Jokke quits
2006-08-01FM meeting 1
2007-07-26FM meeting 2
2011-01-13MP joins


Players (6 + 7)


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26-08-2007 11:23 <berh> wow
14-01-2011 23:18 <Kortsu> What what whaaaaaat?! Activity spotted.

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