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We would like to thank our team mates, all level designers, record drivers, money donaters and all other people who have helped us, Moposite and Elma. Thank you. Read further for accurate lists.

In case you're willing to participate in the development work of Moposite we request you to be active in Feedback forum of the Mopolauta and report of all bugs and errors you see. There is also the Help us page.

Moposite crew

AbulaAdmin, developing, updating
pxAdmin, WR tables, World Cups, cashier
SveinRMopolauta moderator, GAA, KOM
dzMopolauta moderator

Currently helping

Nick Tasks
milagros Anti-cheating programs
mr Replays section updater
Tisk Minor tasks
zebra Mopobattle organizer, Designing page, Playing page, Elma Ultimate

Helped in the past

aavv Translation
Axxu Minor tasks, Playing page help, Mopolauta moderator
Barbapappa Lost Internal levels designer, stuff, minor tasks
bluu Moposite logo designer
BoneLESS Glossary help
ciph Single level reviewer
DarMoeD Translation
EML World Cup total points counter
Epsilon Translation
GG3 Translation
GuyB World Cup 4 team and country points updater
Harmi Paprika picture
Hibernatus Record lists generating program, anti-cheating programs
jcl Translation
Juish Links updater
Jokke Helped to convert Kinglist to new format, Replays section updater
kombi Translation
Ky.Jelly Main page screenshots
MagnusB Mopolauta moderator, translation
MGen Anti-cheating programs, Mopobattle results program
Mick Links updater
mrickx WR statistics updater
MUe Stuff
Luther Ideas, texts, Replays section updater
partybear WR statistics program, translation
psy Official levelpack rater, LOM rater, Players moderator, ideas
Rasu Translation
rad Replay pack updater, translation
Riven Translation
Santo Hosting service
SathyIdeas, texts
Sniper Logo designer
skint0rUpdating help (LGR, LOM, Players, Mopobattles), hosting service, developing, ideas
Spetzler Translation
Tapzu WCup1, 2k and 3 team points counter
the man Links updater
teajay Glossary help
Tisk Mopolauta moderator
tura #across logs, Links page, PHP, SQL, PERL
Vaitork Translation
zo3 Slesk replays page updater


teajay 2007-09-06 20e
Homer 2007-09-04 102.05e
twipley 2007-08-28 4.55e
mr 2007-08-22 30e
Fluff 2007-08-21 28.63e
Tisk 2007-08-18 20e
Kopaka 2006-07-12 28.63e
teajay 2006-01-05 13.37e
Tantal 2005-04-24 100e
Jalli 2005-01-24 50e
TorInge 2004-11-12 50e
Stini 2004-11-08 20e
Unknown 2004-11-08 15e
SpeaK 2004-11-08 7e
Abula 2004-11-07 50e
XTC- 2004-11-07 2.22e
Cloud 2004-11-07 20e
skint0r 2004-11-07 250e
Unknown 2004-11-01 200e
Karlis 2004-06-12 Ahtlon XP 2500+
Antz 2003-05-26 20e
Chris Penrose 2003-03-03 53.91e
Tapzu 2003-02-26 100e
ramone 2003-02-03 30e
GuyB, Rigger 2002-08-23 50e
psy 2002-08-03 10e
jcl 2002-07-30 20e
Tisk 2002-07-02 11e


This website (Moposite) has been in hibernation since c. 2006.

Still active parts:

  1. WR table
  2. Across WR table
  3. Special levels NEW
  4. Mopolauta forum
  5. Archive ACTIVE
  6. Total times (HOT)
  7. History (research)


  1. Speedrun (34:21,73) NEW (54/54 WR)
  2. Elma Online (EOL)
  3. Across WR statistics
  4. Official website
  5. Discord chat and #across (IRCnet)


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