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Golden Apple Awards 2003

Table of contents


This was the very first Golden Apple Awards. It started off as an idea presented by Sprocket in a thread on Mopolauta, and it became clear that Moposite with Abula would organize it. In Sprocket's thread people in the scene had discussions on who should be in the jury and what should be the categories, etc. Eventually Abula assembled a team of jury members (who again were part of deciding further members). The jury, privately, decided on all aspects of the show when it comes to how it was to go through, what categories to have, the rules and the candidates.

There were some complaints from people in the scene during the preparations. People from certain nations, most notably Russia, complained that none of the jury members were from their country, when (in the case of Russia) they had the best current player, DarMoeD. A few others complained on the very prospect of having an awards show, feeling it was a bit over-the-top for Elma. To see these discussions visit Mopolauta.

The show was held on IRCnet #across in 1. March 2003 at 20:00 EET and the period of selecting candidates was from January 2002 to February 2003. The jury members would present two categories each, giving the names of the nominees. After one category was presented, the jury would vote, and the jury member presenting the category would name the winner. The votes were not public. The winner would get voiced, and make a speech if he wished.

The show ultimately became a success, and a big happening in the Elma scene. It has later become an annual event.


  1. Categories decided by Abula, aided by suggestions of the scene and the jury
  2. The jury seeks 10 candidates to each category
  3. Community has 3 days to vote on candidates in the categories; votings take place on poll threads at Mopolauta
  4. The top5 of each category goes to the final show
  5. In the final show, each jury member voted for one of the five; if there was a draw, there would be a recount, and if there still was a draw, Abula would decide (with help of jury discussions); jury members could not vote for themselves


3.LevelBarbapappa: ADVENTURE LEVEL (MOPSI005)
4.ReplayJalli: Impsybility Hard version (slesk059)
5.WRIRK: Apple Harvest 1:42,64 #81
6.Contestpx: World Cup 4
7.SiteAbula: Moposite
8.Level designerBarbapappa


1. Rookie, Juish:
I'm not a man of words but here I go! :) I love this game. I love everthing and everyone involved in it because I was once a noob so I understand the ongoing struggle to learn new styles. All it took was a little thing called motivation. I remember the time I emailed abula saying that the wr's were impossible and I demanded to see the replays. All he did was give me a link to moporeplays. I opened each replay, one by one, and my mind opened to new ideas. From that moment o

I couldn't have achieved this honor without the ongoing support of ciph. He gave me motivation to improve and set the high standards a rookie needs to become a great kuski in his own right. He always pushed me to be great and he recently asked me keep Canadian Elasto Mania alive when he leaves. He taught me the skills needed to be a great kuski and to hopefully one day become a mentor myself. So thank you for your help and support.

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me! I would also like to thank my team for their work. I wish to thank my mom for letting me stay up late to höyl and send my wc times in. Thanks for understanding. Thanks to the moposite staff for your dedication and hard work to provide the world with everything involving Elma. Special thanks to everyone in the Elma scene for keeping it going! Last but not least, I couldn't forget Balaz

I am honored to recieve this award and again thank you to everyone!

2. Comeback, kuiva:
i had a long break.a year or something..but something pulled me back again=)..my höylin skills got back with a little alp-playing..very cool tracks. then i decided to participate in wcup..and it went really well! improved my best wcup-standing and got 2 event wins..nice stuff=)..thanks to all voters in gaa and kom!..and have fun!

3. Level, Barbapappa:
Well 2 wins werent that bad i must say. i could say i have worked hard with the levels cuz as u may see most of my school grades dropped during the making of LOM, lost internals and ofcours the adventure level. sorry for late speech hm ok. the idea was infact of a dream i had about 1 year before i started to make the lev....also i would like to make a note that in the adventure level you can find all words in 1 try. it takes about 40 min oor so but

4. Replay, Jalli:
YEAH, I am really happy right now. I just want to thank all of you who has voted for me both in mopolauta and the jury, I also want to thank psy, because it was his recs at impsybility and at wc317 that made me interested in these pipes. I also wants to say that during the next year, I most probably will improve my time on this lev, so I'll be back here next year :D

5. WR, IRK:

6. Contest, px:

7. Site, Abula:
im happy with the work we have done and will try hard to keep on it in the future, a few new cool sections are coming ;). thanks to other sites for giving some competition :P. and big hand to all moposite crew, whee

8. Level designer, Barbapappa:
Well it has been long work for getting status as levdsigner...although my personal joy for creativity and painting was much help for me. I have to thank psy, olliz, and other lev makers for their creativity that inspired me....trhe funny thing must be that the wc3 levs inspired me at the most (wich means wc4 was some of a let down). Anyway the most credit goes to UMIZ for his lev styles wich i bit copied into my own (theirfor lost internals) thnx!

9. Contribution, Abula:
Ooo! This one i appreciate very much. There are so many guys doing great work and offering much joy to other people. Without us the scene wouldn't exist. Thanks to all Elma players and contributors.

10. Kuski, DarMoeD:
Well, i dunno english so good as all of u do (hmm not all, hi krychek) so dont blame me too much if u`ll not understand a thing :P First, ofcourse i want to thank all people that helped me all the way iam playing elma: it will be a long list to mention them all (ciph (my idol, brother, friend), dz (hmm one more idol :), come back from army soon!) guyb (nicest guy ever!), rigger (miniguyb), abula (so strict with me always :P), awww... writing this speech right

Also i want to thank Russian Elma Scene which helped me much, didnt even know about moposite that times i was competing there. Biggest thanks goes to Vadim and ZorDin who made so much for elma in Russia, also hi to "rookies" sasha and niktata :P The last thank u goes to my cat named Yutik, omg he inspired me to many hours of hoyling with his sleepy mood :) Anyway iam very happy now, so many people voted for me!! i didn even think i`ll get so much :) I really aI really apreciate that i was nominated and even won this poll ;) The last thing i wanted to say: Good Luck to everyone in playing elma!! Make new wrs, good runs, new rulze levels, wrs on these levels :) and so on, just be happy!


1. Rookie
2. Comeback
3. Level
1.Barbapappa: ADVENTURE LEVEL (MOPSI005)
2.Abula: WCup414
3.zebra: No wrong way (D0210L01)
4.Barbapappa: Mario Goes Mopo (D0208L01)
5.ramone: Queue (Fake12)
4. Replay
1.Jalli: Impsybility Hard Version (MOPOCO15) 57,87 (slesk059)
2.DarMoeD: Headbanger pipe through head first 56,52 (slesk049)
3.milagros: FUNX (slesk064)
4.DarMoeD: Zig Zag with pipe end 1:06,68 (33DMD)
5.IRK: Double Trouble 1:26,73 (40_095IR)
5. WR
1.IRK: Apple Harvest 1:42,64 #81
2.dz: Labyrinth Pro 2:25,97 #105
3.DarMoeD: Fruit in the Den 58,57 #102
4.Vikto: Flat Track 16,65 #110
5.TorInge: Headbanger 45,85 #107
6. Contest
1.px: World Cup 4
2.DarMoeD: No brakes
3.Barbapappa: Lost Internals
5.ramone: Fake Levels
7. Site
1.Abula: Moposite
2.CSabi: MEMO
3.GuyB: Danish Elma and Across site
4.ZoRDiN: Russian Elastomania Championship
5.MP & Ville_J: Mopo Corner
8. Level designer
9. Contribution
10. Kuski




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