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Golden Apple Awards

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The Golden Apple Awards, abbreviated the GAA, is an annual show awarding the best players, teams and other remarkable things around Elasto Mania during the past year. The idea, inspired by the Oscars, was first conceived by Sprocket, who presented it on a Mopolauta thread in December 2002. People in the scene were quickly supportive of the idea, and Moposite announced the willingness of arranging it. The name Golden Apple Awards was invented by skint0r.

The results are announced in the final show, held on IRC channel #gaa. The winners usually have speeches at hand for the audience that are celebrating them.

The first GAA was arranged in 2003. More in-depth information of each year can be found on their respective pages.


As of GAA05 the voting is based on a five-step voting process. The practice has proved the process to take 2-3 months to go through.

First step
People in the community give their favoured suggestions to who should be nominated in the different categories in the proper GAA thread on Mopolauta. To be able to vote in the third step, one must make suggestions in the thread. It is not compulsory to make suggestions in more than one category, but that is of course recommended.
Second step
The jury members will choose ten candidates to each category according to their experience and knowledge. They will be also reading the community's suggestions.
Third step
Now we have top10 for each category available and again the community can vote. The criteria for being allowed to vote are: well-known player (decided by the jury) and the player has posted some suggestions in the first step (so we see that he has been active during the whole process) or he doesn't have to be well-known if he posted a nice suggestion list with reasonable arguments. These limits are set for getting more appropriate votes. People don't have to vote in every category but if they do vote in some category they must pick their top5 and not just top1 or top3.
Fourth step
The jury will collect the top5 for each category according absolutely to the community votes. The point system will be as follows: 5 points to every first position, 4 points to every second position etc. This will be the top5 to be used in the final show.
Fifth step
The different jury members will vote over the different categories, and the community will also give 2 votes to the candidate who got most points in the third step, and 1 vote to the candidate who got the second-most points. The different jury members' votes will not be public. In the event of a tie, the candidate who got most points from community in the third step will win. If there still is a tie, the one who got most 5 points will win, then 4 points etc. If the winner cannot be resolved by this, the jury will come together and discuss the matter to declare a winner.


This website (Moposite) has been in hibernation since c. 2006.

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