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The contest has moved
Since 28 November 2012 the contest has been updated in Kopasite.

Level of month

File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0201L01 Epiphany Xhomaz [LOS] NOR
D0201L02 Squarangle ZenitH [dx] HUN
D0201L03 Strange World barbapappa [CF] SWE
D0201L04 Prickly Ville_J [TB] FIN
D0201L05 Farewell DYW265 SWE
D0201L06 Raven Olliz FIN
D0201L07 Natural Sunction* Roni [DJ] FIN
D0201L08 Shapely Zworqy [MK] SWE
D0201L09 Forms and Figures ciph [EM] CAN
D0201L10 Fluidify Jonas [HTML] SWE
D0201L11 Dragon Znail Toaster DEN
D0201L12 Stuff you find in my room Kloque [DrP] USA
D0201L13 Figurative Nightmare DataDog [DrP] NOR
D0201L14 Experimental Crazy SWE
D0201L15 form AND figures Radon [POP] FIN
D0201L16 Unnamed rQ-€% [¿] MIR
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0202L01 Bridge Builder Toaster DEN
D0202L02 Hobo with mopo Olliz FIN
D0202L03 Building Project zebra FIN
D0202L04 Destruction Site m0nkeii [AUS] AUS
D0202L05 Mopocross Construction Kloque [DrP] USA
D0202L06 Imperative Presence* DYW265 SWE
D0202L07 Discrepant Contractor barbapappa [CF] SWE
D0202L08 Holes ramone [CF] SWE
D0202L09 The reconstruction of WTC Jonas [HTML] SWE
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0203L01 Fertile Confinement Xhomaz [LOS] NOR
D0203L02 my first jungle YES the insane guy GER
D0203L03 You Must Be TarZan Hemman [TB] SWE
D0203L04 Jungle Boogie umiz [SAT] SWE
D0203L05 Darwinism barbapappa [CF] SWE
D0203L06 Waterfall Race Zworqy [MK] SWE
D0203L07 Raindforest Racing ZenitH [dx] HUN
D0203L08 Tarzans Rumble in the m0nkeii [AUS] AUS
D0203L09 Jungle Express zebra FIN
D0203L10 Aconcagua Roni [DJ] FIN
D0203L11 Jungle mix with extra Jonas [HTML] SWE
D0203L12 Xp Jungle 56 Droo FIN
D0203L13 Jungle Razor Toaster DEN
D0203L14 Green Path Ramza [FRC] POL
D0203L15 Jungle Racer Ville_J [TB] FIN
D0203L16 SyUcO Michael
D0203L17 Its a jungle brother Olliz FIN
D0203L18 Freaky Frontier MozMan [HK] GBR
D0203L19 Searching for the Flower Flatley [EK] HUN
D0203L20 Junglus Gardus* Eon
D0203L21 Somewhere in the dark Kovo FIN
D0203L22 MAD CROW psychocrow
D0203L23 Acid Trip Neon Dingo
D0203L24 Blue Jungle Xav
D0203L25 Wild Tunnel Rasken [TAH] NOR
D0203L26 jungle PeTe
D0203L27 Hanging Delirium Marty [CEL] AUS
D0203L28 Kingjump King KT
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0204L01 Pipe Dream Olliz FIN
D0204L02 ScubaBiker umiz [SAT] SWE
D0204L03 Cave of the Iguana Roni [DJ] FIN
D0204L04 Ultimate River Slide Ville_J [TB] FIN
D0204L05 Liquid World zebra FIN
D0204L06 Wheel Wetter* MP [CF] FIN
D0204L07 Unorthodox Flava by Micke Micke [DJ] FIN
D0204L08 Im singing in the Sauna Droo FIN
D0204L09 Party In Valhall Hemman [TB] SWE
D0204L10 Liquid Harvest barbapappa [CF] SWE
D0204L11 Water MAik
D0204L12 Fearsome Falls Tom [JAPS] SPA
D0204L13 Pool Rasken [TAH] NOR
D0204L14 Scuba hero Kovo FIN
D0204L15 WazzY Toaster DEN
D0204L16 littlewater Arttu FIN
D0204L17 Underwater Lily Zworqy [MK] SWE
D0204L18 Total Wipeout at Bondi m0nkeii [AUS] AUS
D0204L19 Foxy Lady Joel
D0204L20 Topsy turvy Dean Chaput
D0204L21 Unnamed MaRk
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0205L01 Wheeler zebra FIN
D0205L02 Klink Klonk barbapappa [CF] SWE
D0205L03 Fruit Factory MP [CF] FIN
D0205L04 Love sucks umiz [SAT] SWE
D0205L05 Ji* Roni [DJ] FIN
D0205L06 Masiina Kovo FIN
D0205L07 Mechanical System Ville_J [TB] FIN
D0205L08 Tricky Bricky Kitchen Zworqy [MK] SWE
D0205L09 Apple Machine DYW265 SWE
D0205L10 Electricity Rush Micke [DJ] FIN
D0205L11 ELMAchine Crazy SWE
D0205L12 damn industry MAik
D0205L13 a totally senseless insane guy GER
D0205L14 Machinery Deadline Arttu FIN
D0205L15 Cool grounds Supmah
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0206L01 Slices of Spices* Roni [DJ] FIN
D0206L02 Flavoured Way zebra FIN
D0206L03 Variety is the Spice of Life m0nkeii [AUS] AUS
D0206L04 Corvine parochial sarong Juish [AC] CAN
D0206L05 Unnamed lukase
D0206L06 The Wild jungel1 Matsmato NOR
D0206L07 Unnamed Mack
D0206L08 Elasto Test Badbrallan
D0206L09 Head Over Heals YoDadda
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0207L01 Battle Field FIN vs RUS Ville_J [TB] FIN
D0207L02 Battle Through Badges zebra FIN
D0207L03 Total War barbapappa [CF] SWE
D0207L04 Into The Trenches m0nkeii [AUS] AUS
D0207L05 Armyway Matsmato NOR
D0207L06 Allies vs Axis shibby NOR
D0207L07 D day can u take the Juish [AC] CAN
D0207L08 Gallipoli Hell1* Chrispy
D0207L09 geriausias mano lygis ZXSPEC
D0207L10 small chris123
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0208L01 Mario Goes Mopo barbapappa [CF] SWE
D0208L02 Super Elasto Bros Ville_J [TB] FIN
D0208L03 Super Mario has a bike zebra FIN
D0208L04 NintendoWorld Droo FIN
D0208L05 Super Mario Brothers hilamr [HTML] ISL
D0208L06 Save the princess* Cfilorvy [2WOJ] NOR
D0208L07 welcome to marios world shibby NOR
D0208L08 The Nintendo Cave System m0nkeii [AUS] AUS
D0208L09 The princess is in another castle Juish [AC] CAN
D0208L10 Nintendo Lost Bonus Crazy SWE
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0209L01 House of Illusion barbapappa [CF] SWE
D0209L02 Wazabi Air Monsters eppeJ [Q] DEN
D0209L03 Castle of the Damned* Soul NED
D0209L04 Crrreeeaky Floorboards m0nkeii [AUS] AUS
D0209L06 The Notorious House zebra FIN
D0209L07 the only way out insane guy GER
D0209L08 SVIM A ghost is coming Kopaka [LaMe] DEN
D0209L09 Haunted Grassland Matsmato NOR
D0209L10 The Haunting hilamr [HTML] ISL
D0209L11 Poison Apples Poxapox USA
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0210L01 No Wrong Way zebra FIN
D0210L02 Route of Evelution barbapappa [CF] SWE
D0210L03 The Enigma III m0nkeii [AUS] AUS
D0210L04 Technical Analysis* Juish [AC] CAN
D0210L05 A look into the future Chris Penrose [HTML] GBR
D0210L06 Future Elma Roni [DJ] FIN
D0210L07 Elma Revilution Juble [PP] AUS
D0210L08 Loser Level Micke [DJ] FIN
D0210L09 Human Village In Town enter [DJ] FIN
D0210L10 Enter Elma 2005 Kopaka [LaMe] DEN
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0211L01 Greek Necropolis Soul NED
D0211L02 Stairway To Heaven barbapappa [CF] SWE
D0211L03 Going to Heaven eh FatherGod [TTT] FIN
D0211L04 Prophecies In Blood Laser [TTT] FIN
D0211L05 The Elma Messenger zebra FIN
D0211L06 Unholy Mission Devin USA
D0211L07 After Death Elma Juble [PP] AUS
D0211L08 Divine Intervention* m0nkeii [AUS] AUS
D0211L09 the way to heaven insane guy GER
D0211L10 Christ Will Come Again McLeod AUS
D0211L11 Drug Religion HaraldH [SEC] SUI
D0211L12 Elastoism Jonas [HTML] SWE
D0211L13 Journy to hell Kopaka [LaMe] DEN
D0211L14 Unnamed eppeJ [Q] DEN
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0212L01 Egg Xtreme Elasticity* barbapappa [CF] SWE
D0212L02 Pink Eggs and Stoned Bunnys HaraldH [SEC] SUI
D0212L03 Easter Egg Eater zebra FIN
D0212L04 Hunt for the Easter Egs Soul NED
D0212L06 Easter Egg Hunt m0nkeii [AUS] AUS
D0212L05 Easter Bunny Lairs Juble [PP] AUS
D0212L07 Unnamed maff [2WOJ] NOR
D0212L08 Find The Easter Eggs Kopaka [LaMe] DEN
D0212L09 go pick some eggs insane guy GER
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0301L01 Noted Ville_J [TB] FIN
D0301L02 Just a hymn MopAq [TrA] SWE
D0301L03 Ancient Across Song* Bonobo [SEKT] SWE
D0301L04 Feel the Rhythm m0nkeii [AUS] AUS
D0301L05 Nature Music NoXeN [TrA] SWE
D0301L06 Music Propagency BoneLESS [HHIT] CAN
D0301L07 Play your music LOUD KickZ NOR
D0301L08 Acoustic Dance HaraldH [SEC] SUI
D0301L09 Is Music On Your Mind Juble [PP] AUS
D0301L10 Welcome to noteland Cfilorvy [2WOJ] NOR
D0301L11 do you know NOISECORE insane guy GER
D0301L12 Rock Around The Clock Micke [DJ] FIN
D0301L13 Play the Music Kopaka [LaMe] DEN
D0301L14 Rock My Soul Jesse [DJ] FIN
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0302L01 Animal ride maff [2WOJ] NOR
D0302L02 Animal Alert* Bonobo [SEKT] SWE
D0302L03 Kopakas Zoo Kopaka [LaMe] DEN
D0302L04 Melbourne Zoo ElastoStyle Juble [PP] AUS
D0302L05 The Evolution BloodCount [TL] SWE
D0302L06 Historical animals Cfilorvy [2WOJ] NOR
D0302L07 ugly and stupid creatures insane guy GER
D0302L08 Tackle the disembodied feline Chris Penrose [HTML] GBR
D0302L09 Chilling with animals Mikey B [MK] GBR
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0303L01 Time Contraptions Juble [PP] AUS
D0303L02 The Time Machine HaraldH [SEC] SUI
D0303L03 Take your time Cfilorvy [2WOJ] NOR
D0303L04 Two Seasons Ville_J [TB] FIN
D0303L05 Vertikal Timelimit Toaster DEN
D0303L06 A Clockwork Apple* Bonobo [SEKT] SWE
D0303L07 Ten Past Nine Rasken [TAH] NOR
D0303L08 magicmans rock the clock magicman [CF] SWE
D0303L09 Tell no tales 2fast EST
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0304L01 Simple System* Juble [PP] AUS
D0304L02 Uplifting Minimalities Zworqy [MK] SWE
D0304L03 Minimalistic Art HaraldH [SEC] SUI
D0304L04 90 Agressor RUS
D0304L05 Minimalistic IQ Test JAMES [MK] GBR
D0304L06 what have happend with the world maff [2WOJ] NOR
D0304L07 Small Way To The End BoneLESS [HHIT] CAN
D0304L08 A Little Smile Bonobo [SEKT] SWE
D0304L09 Minimalism Watch your Head Flat Tracker NED
D0304L10 Step by Step Kopaka [LaMe] DEN
D0304L11 A tiny part of Norway Cfilorvy [2WOJ] NOR
D0304L12 Mini flyer roger_rocker NOR
D0304L13 Short equals FUN Noj DEN
D0304L14 Micro Double Trouble Rasken [TAH] NOR
D0304L15 made with minimalistic effort insane guy GER
File nameLevel nameDesignerNat.
D0305L01 Pipe Works Juble [PP] AUS
D0305L02 Real Pipe Kurak [FRC] POL
D0305L03 Agoraphobia* HaraldH [SEC] SUI
D0305L04 Red Pipe Ville_J [TB] FIN
D0305L05 Piping zebra FIN
D0305L06 Down in the Sewer Rasken [TAH] NOR
D0305L07 Adventurous Plumber Devin USA
D0305L08 watch your head in the pipes maff [2WOJ] NOR
D0305L09 Narrowed Sewers BoneLESS [HHIT] CAN
D0305L10 PipeOrinth Cfilorvy [2WOJ] NOR
D0305L11 Half Pipe Nightmare Bonobo [SEKT] SWE
D0305L12 Pipes of the Sewer Kaarby NOR
D0305L13 Pipeaholic 2fast EST
D0305L14 Water Pipes Kopaka [LaMe] DEN
D0305L15 i need grass for my pipes insane guy GER
D0305L16 Wind Conducts Undiente [MK] SPA
D0305L17 Bridge over troubled waters Juish [AC] CAN
D0305L18 A day at the Sewer Flat Tracker NED

Old instructions

This contest is about level designing. Every month each designer can send one level to this contest. There is given a specific theme for each month which the designers have to include in their levels somehow. Three raters (Abula, psy and skint0r) will give points (about visuality, playability and theme handling) to every level and put them to top list. The winner is the one who has most points in the end of the year. The new theme is released just after the last month.

Pointing system
Points will be given for the ten best levs of every month (the levs are selected by Moposite crew). Scoring system: 1st gets 10 points, 2nd 9pts and 10th one point for the whole competition. All levels which have been sent in will be published. Each rater gives 1-10 points for all three spot (visuality, playability and theme). Also three extra points will be given for the best level name (marked as *), so the maximum points for one level is 93 points. If the designers have same total points, better theme points settle. If the theme points are same too, better playability points settle. If all points are same, better name settles (Abula decides). If the level name is same..blah, not possible..hopefully. Sometimes a level can get comments from the raters or Sathy (ex-rater).

Visuality means simply how good the level looks, playability how much you can hoyl (funny to play) and theme how good the theme has been included into the lev.

Levels are to be sent to xxx, and only levs using Default.lgr will be accepted. Remember tell your nick, nationality, possible team and the theme (so we see you've understood or at least read the instructions). We'll delete your mail if some of those is missing. Also please leave the level unlocked and drive one base time. A deadline of sending in is the last day of the month.


This website (Moposite) has been in hibernation since c. 2006.

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