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Currently not updated
Unfortunately due to lack of resources this page is not currently updated.


Recognize internal levels
MUe has made this awesome test. Thus you have to guess what internals are in the pictures. The test is here and the solutions here. Be honest and don't check answers before making the test. I myself (Abula) got 31/33.

Secret Areas
From Elma internal levels you can find 5 secret areas. In all five places you see the secret area sign. So the "MUe" text in top of Bowling isn't an official secret area. It's funny to find the areas yourself but if you cant react all areas you can download style replays here. One of those is almost impossible to get. But hey, don't check those recs before you've really tried to find the places yourself.

Winamp skins
Check the readme.txt of Winamp to see how to install external skins. These work only in 2.xx version, I think.
Name Creator Rating Screenshot
AcrossAmp Tuska 4 #1
ElmaAmp Tuska #1

Across Skins
You can use skins (like in WinAmp) in Across too with nD_Skin by h3rr_fu. This has been tested only with registered Action SuperCross v1.2, not with any Shareware version. We take no responsibility of anything if this skin thingie does something harmful to your game or computer, so use it at your own risk. Remeber to read the readme.txt properly. Skin zips are sized about 15-25 kB each.

Name Creator Rating Screenshot
Ultra Grip 1, 2, 3, 4 Kaje 5 b, g, r, y
Flying Finn Conny Hmm
Tiger px Sure
Brainless Conny Yep
General Ingebrigtsen Yes
Cartman Hebbe Yeps;
Luuranko Ani Ye$
Smiley PzYcHo 4 Of course
The Biker Onni & Conny 4 Yes
FatAss Onni & Conny 4 Jodå
Skellet Mikael Eriksson 4 Yeap
Rollchair Peson Yips
Lou Trond Klykken Yips
Blood px Yes
Michael Jordan Blake Yeps
Wacko Cruiser Blake Yeap
Matrix - Neo Martin A. Yehh
Man Kalle the Kalu Yes
Alien Skoog Maybe
Boo Hebbe yeah
Penta BiG^BaD^BeE Hmm
Thing BiG^BaD^BeE Yea
Smily skate 94 Yehh
Atomic Man Derty Yehh
Nude Jonas Yes
Mr. X h3rr_fu Yes
Spoky Hebbe Yeap
DDuck Fortunez Yipz
Koeck 1, 2, 3 PzYcHo 3 1, 2, 3
Adolf Chrille 3 Yeap
Ufo Kalle the Kalu 3 Yes
Tedbirger umiz 3 Wee
Bennyklimp sjekkie 3 Ehh
Lusifer Peson 3 Yeap
Dead Kalle the Kalu 3 Yeap
Olio Tuoppi 3 Err
Monster Emil Lundin 3 Yeap
Biker Mikko 3 Check out
Default Balázs 3 Here
Nahka Mälli 3 Ye$
Frame Kalle the Kalu z
Nbike Tuoppi x
Supermotard davve z
Racer HeNk Yes
Nobike h3rr_fu Hmm
Finnish Tomi Selkälä Hmm
Naku bluu & tura Yes
Veepu VP Yes

Time has passed by... does anyone play across anymore? Some might, but not many and that's why we wouldn't like to recieve any more skins. Sure if you think your skin would rate like 4 or higher on the list, mail it to us and if we like it too, we'll add it here.

Forecasting Elma future
In this competition your mission is to forecast Elma statistics. You cannot take part in anymore. The last day was 1st of January 2002. Maybe there will be other forecast competitions. However all participaters filled up a blank forecast form and sent it to me. The situation back then was this. The winner or leader of this contest is the one who forecasted most correct the future. We'll see who. Moreover the competition is for Elasto Mania 1.x (1.11a now).

Points given
Exact answer = 20 points
Nearest answer = 20 points
2nd nearest answer = 15 points
3rd = 13 pts
4th = 12 pts
5th = 11 pts
6th = 10 pts
7th = 9 pts
8th = 8 pts
9th = 7 pts
10th = 6 pts
11th = 5 pts
12th = 4 pts
13th = 3 pts
14th = 2 pts
15th = 1 pts

Points system can be changed later.

Abula, deadnite, dz, IRK, swos, klisse, mr, MUe, psy, skint0r, Sathy, umiz, Tisk, TGabee, onlainari, MGen, Kumiorava, Are, krychek, MP, Jalli, Floyd, SveinR, Taq, ciph, Radim, DacBitch, TonyLee, joo, Amish, Sparrow, nemo

Checking dates
1st: 1 July 2002
2nd: 1 January 2003
3rd: 1 January 2004
4th: 1 January 2005
5th: 1 January 2006

Will be updated after first checking date.


This website (Moposite) has been in hibernation since c. 2006.

Still active parts:

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  4. Mopolauta forum
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  6. Total times (HOT)
  7. History (research)


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