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Wednesday, 24. June 2020

Across WR Table #420 at 20:24 UTC by Abula

Two more Across WRs! This is getting out of hands. Grats to Labs and Arzenik! I even fixed a bit more the page outlook and calculated the current WR total time: 33:39,77

Across WR Table #420

Category: Records -> Across  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 4

Wednesday, 17. June 2020

New Across WR! at 15:43 UTC by Abula

After almost 16 years a new Across WR was driven! Congratulations to Labs!

Across WR table #419

ps. Elma WR table number only 7 tables behind.

Category: Records -> Across  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 2

Sunday, 14. June 2020

Action SuperCross on Steam, along with an official levelpack at 20:38 UTC by SveinR

Action SuperCross will be released on Steam on June 17th, and with it an official levelpack made from previously unreleased and early versions of levels - dating all the way back to 1997!

Official trailer
Lauta topic
Information on the official website

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 3

Thursday, 11. June 2020

WRs #412 at 9:16 UTC by px

One new WR.

WR table

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 1

Saturday, 6. June 2020

Elasto Mania Retrospective at 7:46 UTC by Abula

A new overview video of Elasto Mania and Across:


Category: Advertising  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 0

Wednesday, 27. May 2020

40 hours update to the Elasto Mania (1995-2018) article at 9:22 UTC by Abula

I did quite a big update to my Elma article:

Also got reader's feedback if I could improve the contrast of Moposite colors. Good point dz! So finally after 20 years you can actually read the contents of this web site!

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 8

Tuesday, 26. May 2020

New WR Statistics at 7:45 UTC by Abula

I just published some new WR statistics: https://mopolauta.moposite.com/viewtopic.php?p=267143#p267143

Zweq has had most WRs for 2565 days, Spef 1646+ and TorInge 981 days.

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 0

Saturday, 23. May 2020

More data to Moposite Archive at 17:57 UTC by Abula

Added Elma Ultimate DVD, Forever CD and Elma Crime to Moposite Archive. Plus some videos that got removed in the original host.

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 0

Saturday, 16. May 2020

Huge collection of state.dat files at 13:49 UTC by Abula

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 0

Tuesday, 5. May 2020

Elasto Mania in Speedrun.com at 17:26 UTC by Abula

Just noticed that there are some nice results in Speedrun.com in Elasto Mania section: https://www.speedrun.com/elma/full_game

Go Zweq! And Spef who comments own playing!

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 2

Thursday, 30. April 2020

Elasto Mania on Steam at 20:20 UTC by Abula

The official website has a huge update!

As a personal opinion it's pretty crazy to see new life around the official version! At least I'm supportive and want to believe it's more an opportunity than a risk. It would be fascinating to see again a new big push in the long history of the game.

Daniel, the representative of the Elasto Mania Team, will be available in Elma Discord channel #official to answer our questions about the future of the game. As I understood you should be able to see the historical messages as well so you can join later.

I also created a Mopolauta topic for this: http://mopolauta.moposite.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10039

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 0

Monday, 20. April 2020

BREAKING NEWS at 12:26 UTC by Abula

Balázs has sold the rights of the game to "Elasto Mania Team".


Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 3

Friday, 27. March 2020

WRs #411 at 23:12 UTC by px

One new WR.

WR table

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 4

Tuesday, 18. February 2020

WRs at 22:44 UTC by px

No new WRs to be updated.

WR table

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 2

Sunday, 9. February 2020

Golden Apple Awards 2019 – public voting is open at 23:32 UTC by Kopaka

The time has come for you to help decide the winners of the annual Golden Apple Awards! This year, 116 nominees in 12 categories were selected from community suggestions and extensive research by 5 jurors: Arzenik, Grace, jblaze, Kopaka, and pawq.

Voting takes place here, and you can find detailed instructions and a list of all nominees here. Remember that your vote key needs to be sent to pawq (either on Mopolauta or on Discord) for your votes to count.

The voting deadline is on Thursday, 27 February 2020, 23:59 EET (GMT+2, Finnish time), and the final show will take place in the #gaa channel on Saturday, 29 February 2020, 20:00 EET.

Finally, we are pleased to announced that printed diplomas will be sent to all winners!

Enjoy the voting process, and see you at the GAALA!

Category: Community  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 0

Monday, 13. January 2020

GAA 2020 nomination suggestions at 14:37 UTC by Kopaka

The deadline for suggestions for Golden Apple Awards 2019 has been extended to Sunday, 19 January 2020, 23:59 EET (GMT+2, Finnish time).

Please take some time to dig up some dope recs and levs that you may've seen or played this year, or to remember who in your opinion was outstanding in any aspect this year. Your input is essential for us to be able to nominate every worthy kuski!

Category: Community  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 0

Thursday, 9. January 2020

WRs #410 at 10:29 UTC by px

The first new WR table of 2020 offers us three new WRs.

WR table

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 2

Wednesday, 1. January 2020

Elasto Mania 20 Years Official Level Pack at 15:35 UTC by Kopaka

This year our favorite game turns 20, to celebrate this we are hosting a brand new level pack over at elmaonline

Category: Contests -> User contests  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 1

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