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Monday, 9. December 2013

Kazan wins World Cup 6! at 10:55 UTC by Kopaka

With a fifth place in the 14th event Kazan has secured the win in the sixth Elasto Mania World Cup! With adi's third place Kazan maintains a lead of more than a 100 points when you take out the worst result, which makes it impossible for adi to catch up no matter what happens in the last event. Congratulations Kazan!! With seven event wins Kazan has dominated the World Cup with the most secure win since World Cup 3 and the currently shares most event wins in a World Cup with Dr.Luni from World Cup 3 with 5 events less and still one left. This win puts Kazan in the very exclusive club of previous World Cup winners, which previously only counted three people: BoBBo, Dr.Luni and MP.

The rest still has a lot to play for though. The fight for second and third place and a trophy is still open, so is top 10 and top 20 positions. The last event has started, download from World Cup page and remember the deadline on sunday at 18 EET.

Category: Contests -> World Cup  |  Priority: High

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