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Sunday, 26. March 2006

Detailed list of new things in Paprika at 21:03 UTC by Abula

The next things are roughly in the order they were made.

  • New email addresses: abu bFROMb moposite aDOTa com, pexi at moposite d0t com and help aFROMa moposite d0t com
  • Titles are specific (earlier it was same Elasto Mania All Around on every page)
  • Menu, Site navigator, Short menu and Site map are generated automatically from a database
  • New time and date box
  • Search is disabled as long as we don't offer anything to search
  • Links are underlined (in default theme), external and broken links are marked, Glossary links are dashed
  • Flags are resized to smaller, nicer and less bandwidth needed
  • All the styles are in CSS file, nothing in HTML file
  • DOCTYPE html PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN (valid)
  • Page generation and last modification times shown in bottom of the site
  • Headings and sub headings have new styles (should be clearer)
  • Important links in footer
  • Short menu next to logo
  • Important links on top of the logo
  • Text browser support (cell phones)
  • Most links have titles (alt text)
  • Forms and tables have new styles
  • XHTML 1.0 and CSS2 links in footer
  • Hide and show columns feature for wider layout
  • Moposite, not The Moposite (logo should be fixed)
  • Access keys
  • Many other new features were planned but we had to move them further to get Paprika out
  • New structure
  • 1.11hb and 1.2 patches added
  • New pages: Moposite History (all the old Moposite versions are there to browse, quite nostalgic isn't it), Future, Visitors and Tech specs
  • Elma and Across information pages have lot of new (interesting) stuff
  • PayPal added to Help us page (hint, hint)
  • New section (might get merged to Information soon though)
  • FAQ is updated of course
  • Designing page is quite an all-inclusive level designing page (great thanks to Zebra)
  • Tweaking page is finally explaining (all?) the vsync and other mystery things
  • Cheating page is totally renewed
  • Hints and tips is a new page offering practically nothing
  • Glossary I'm a bit proud of eventhough it could have better contents
  • Playing and Internal levels pages didn't get ready to publishing
Main / News
  • Main page is a new page displaying some basic information for first-time visitors (the picture is random, try to reload the page), if you are logged in (or cookie is set) and you type paprika.moposite.com to browser you'll arrive to News page instead
  • News page has a new layout
  • Comments (some basic BBcodes are supported, be careful)
  • KOM poll there (maybe it could achieve reputation back)
  • Random tips
  • Priorities (High, Medium, Low)
  • Categories
  • Filters (Base and Temporary), I will write a guide to use them
  • RSS
  • Newslist (link is in left column named Headlines)
  • New section
  • Log in by using your Kuski gallery account
  • Change password
  • Save / delete cookie (Remember me)
  • External / internal / mopolauta links (guide coming)
  • How to open pictures from thumbnails to real size (I prefer pop-ups but can't set them default because many people are blocking pop-ups and justly)
  • Change themes (obviously not many themes available at the moment)
  • Change News Base filters
We have nice systems for KOM, Banning, Adding news, Moderating comments and changing privilities. I find admin sections pretty important that moderators won't get annoyed of using them and stop doing their vital jobs.

Hopefully I didn't forget anything important.

Category: Administration  |  Priority: Medium

Comments (2)

#1 at 21:37 UTC - 26. Mar 2006 by teajay

Warn us about BBcode, and make a mistake with it yourself. That's something! =)

#2 at 21:55 UTC - 26. Mar 2006 by Abula

Good one :P



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  7. History (research)


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  4. Official website
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