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Friday, 24. March 2006

Very final 1.2 at 0:47 UTC by Abula

Hibernatus has coded a brand new Elasto Mania 1.2 unofficial version offering many new features.. wait! That was three years ago! Yes, we are very well aware of that and as a main central of Elasto Mania community we should have released the new patch alot earlier. Our sincerest apologies for the delay.

However, we would like to come clear the actual reasons for the delay. The most important reason was that as we have high standards, we must carefully evaluate all the new patches to see whether or not they should be published - which basicly means checking for bugs and so on, because we don't want to confuse people with first a release and th en a bug fix right after. Of course there are many sound arguments against this reasoning, and we might eventually change our standards. One other important reason for the delay was the famous editor bug in the Final version. We wanted to have a solution for that and apparently Hibernatus fixed it for us after we requested it. This happened about one year ago. Also, we had planned on releasing the 1.2 at the same time with Paprika and I thought it wouldn't take more than a month or something. But as it turns out, it took alot longer than that! But anyway, here we have it.

This Very final 1.2 should be totally bug free, no known bugs involved:
  • XP lag bug is fixed
  • Across levels work in total time counter (they were problematic for example in Hoyla Mission total time calculating)
  • The editor bug is fixed
A brief summary of the new things in Elma 1.2 compared to 1.11a:
  • New options such as screen resolution, zoom, centered camera, replay saving reminder and possibility to edit locked levels
  • Lev-Packs
  • Advanced fast search in menus
  • Merging replays
  • Alovolt, brake alias and esc alias keys
  • VCR-style controls when watching replays
A detailed list can be read on the Elma12.txt and some other information on the Elasto Mania information page.

Download the patch.

Category: General  |  Priority: High

Comments (3)

#1 at 20:52 UTC - 24. Mar 2006 by teajay

zomg sach fast!

#2 at 6:26 UTC - 25. Mar 2006 by dz

i dont mind about the small delay it's coal!

#3 at 2:38 UTC - 27. Mar 2006 by error

Wa-Ha-Ha! It's great!


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