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Sunday, 18. July 1999

WCup at 16:07 UTC by px

Hmm... it's kinda weird that the present World Cup leader BoBBo has never won a single event, instead he has been 4 times 2nd etc etc.. Also, the only one who has managed to win two events by now is Dr.Across, he won events #10 and #12. And then about the next World Cup, World Cup 2000. It will probably begin either in late Aug. 99 or early Sept. 99 and ends in the late Dec. 2000 or early Jan. 2000 around the same time than the Across 2 COULD MAYBE POSSIBLY be ready. I won't myself count on this date, neither does Balazs himself, so please don't send him millions of mails if the game ain't ready then. And, don't mail him or me about the details of next version, I know about nothing and I'm sure Balazs would tell nothing either. Anyway, we are planning to award the best players of the next whole cup with a full version of Across 2 as well as the ordinary ca$h etc prizes... suggestions are welcome.

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