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Thursday, 27. December 2001

Hurry up with the forecast at 22:50 UTC by Abula

skint0r, psy, Kumiorava, mr, MUe, IRK and klisse has sent in the forecast so far. More is needed. You will be pissed of when the first checking date comes if you haven't taken part, believe me =].

Forecast FAQ:

It is so long....
Copy my forecast and edit it, much faster in that way.

I have no idea about numbers of lgrs thing, wtf is Hoyla Mission?!
Read above or check current situation, thoses hould help.

What's the advantage of doing this?
You could think what's the advantage of playing Elma? Maybe it isn't funny to do the forecast now (it is) but after a year or so it will give much joy. You can compete with other kuskis and you even don't have to hoyl like hell. The more competitors there are the better the competition is so eventhough you're not so interested in this you can still participate and give joy for others.

No one plays Elma in 2006.
Maybe, maybe not. At least Moposite will be online next 50 years. People have played Across / Elma for five years so why not next five years too? And on the first checking date most kuskis are playing, that's sure.

Balazs will make Elma 2.0, what's then?
We will think what to do if this miracle happen.

I'm so lazy, this is impossible much work for me.
Hey, it's time to beat yourself, you can do it!

More info >>

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HTML contest at 21:45 UTC by Abula

Bored? Maybe you could try HTML contest where your rotations are limited or even forbidden. Read more >>

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Elmakuskit at 21:30 UTC by Abula

Updated. >>

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lgr levels at 17:33 UTC by Abula

rulF and Luther on air >>

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Wednesday, 26. December 2001

Ghost Internals at 4:30 UTC by Abula

Who has the best times in proto levs? Share you times on mopolauta >>

And remember that those are just proto levels and they will be edited so you have to redrive the times.

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Internal recs at 3:30 UTC by Abula

Whee. Both Elma and Across replay sections have been updated, check out pajen's recs! >>

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Phunnieh recs at 1:10 UTC by Abula

are updated. >>

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Tuesday, 25. December 2001

Shareware levels at 0:47 UTC by Abula

The most important section of Moposite has been updated >>

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Monday, 24. December 2001

It's a party time at 15:47 UTC by Abula

We wish you Merry and Hoylable Christmas!

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Sunday, 23. December 2001

New sections at 12:27 UTC by Abula

Two new sections on Moposite will start quite soon: Level of Month and Ghost Internals. Those are great new compos, even better that Elma Forecast :P.

Level of Month
You have one month time to design a level using Defaul.lgr. The trick of this competition isthat there will be a theme for every month which you have to include to the level somehow. A few examples of themes could be jungle, guns, traffic and so on. Levels will be rated by Moposite Crew and the best three levels get points. All levels will be published.

There haven't been many level designing compos so far that I could think, wonder and hope this one is a good try. The more people take part in the better the compo is so be sure you'll be here after New Year. Who is the best level designer out there? At last we can check it.<br /><br />More >>

Ghost Internals
When making Internals Csaba (Balazs's brother) designed two different version of each internal. He chose 54 levels and put them to Elma. The rest 54 levels he lost to his computer's depth. But now the lost levels are found and will be released on Moposite. As you can guess they are very Internal stylish.

Seriously: above scenario could be true but actually BarTek is making 54 Ghost Internals. He is doing a good job and now it's our turn to get people to play them. The more kuskis play the better competition it is. I've heard that the best players will play them like psy, Jeppe and Dz to mention just a few. This contest is like OLP but the levels are more Internal stylish and the contest is under Moposite's Kinglist. There will be a total competition too, of course.

To understand the quality of the levels take a look at these three proto levels.

Can you beat my times? The whole level pack will be published a bit later.

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Friday, 21. December 2001

Just kidding at 16:16 UTC by Abula

I'm having a christmas holiday so I'm not able to update often. What is funny is that people are always asking me to update more and more often but they themselves cant do 30 minutes job for the forecast.

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Updating stop at 1:30 UTC by Abula

I won't update until I've got more forecasts >>

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Monday, 10. December 2001

Secret Areas at 0:19 UTC by Abula

Finally Moposite has style replays to secret areas, I drove them myself just ago :]. Ok, not all.The most difficult rec is not driven by me but BarTek. Download the replays here and read some infoon Other Stuff page.

ps. don't forget the forecast thing! >>

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Sunday, 9. December 2001

Name change at 14:55 UTC by Abula

30 mins Battle name is changed to Mopobattle. The battle channel is also #mopobattle now. Next mopobattles will start some day, I will inform here.

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MopoVote #4 at 14:55 UTC by Abula

Snyder gave the idea for the fourth MopoVote.

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New Article at 14:30 UTC by Abula

nemo wrote his 3rd article and took the lead in article competition. He commented BarTek's article about levelmaking. And BarTek, won't write new article about nemo's article anymore, you can keep on this discussion on Mopolauta >>.

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New competition at 1:30 UTC by Abula

Moposite offers a brand new competition: Elma Forecasting. Read more >>. Original idea was invented by Abula :-).

Good to remember: deadline of participating of this contest is 1st January 2002.

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Saturday, 8. December 2001

Top10 at 22:10 UTC by Abula

I think EML isn't in Elma mood just now and doesn't want to take care of his site. Fortunately there is other place where you can see Top10 list, it is maintanced by Kunnaand can be found here >>

If you want your times there just send your state.dat, nick and possible team to 99848717224852 cFROMc seznam d0t cz. The address isn't a joke :-).

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Links at 16:45 UTC by Abula

Links are updated, a few new descriptions too. >>

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Friday, 7. December 2001

New special contests at 18:35 UTC by Abula

Just made four new special contests, are they funny? Test them. >>

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