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Monday, 18. January 1999

Well.. at 18:59 UTC by px

Mikko_T, who is from now on known as Fulgore, decided to leave Team Finlandia and he alsosaid he will (almost) quit playing Across. After that he improved his total about 7 secs :)

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Sunday, 17. January 1999

Blah at 16:23 UTC by px

I managed to drive Bounce Back 59,74.

I also removed Mikko_T from the Contests page

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Friday, 15. January 1999

Cheat? at 21:01 UTC by px

Today I recieved a state with a time 14,54 in Warmup. Now tell me can I count it to total?? No I can't. But how can I know if you have used the bug in some other tracks?? Do I have to ask you to send your every .rec file???

I finally got over the wall in The Steppes, with a lousy time of 28,89. I also made a new record in Uphill Battle, 24,54, but Mikko_T did it even better: the new WR is now 24,15.

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Sunday, 10. January 1999

Vote at 15:01 UTC by px

I added a Best levels voting page, where you can soon, not yet, send you two best levels to be included to the Package of Best External Levels

Zig Zag 1:45,34, Framework 44,29 and Enigma II 49,68

Category: Old  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 0

Tuesday, 5. January 1999

Misc at 22:50 UTC by px

I visited T0rPeD0 and played a bit Across there, I gave one try to Hill Legend and got 21,03 :-P Yet, the amount of contests at the contests page is rising again...

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Saturday, 2. January 1999

Stuff at 21:48 UTC by px

First time for a week I improved my records :-P Warmup 15,25, Tricks Abound 1:03,36 and Apple Harvest 2:11,49 DMC made a new WR, I won't tell it yet, but you'll see it on Csaba's list soon... Check out the totally renewed T0rPeD0's Across Page

Category: Old  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 0

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