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Sunday, 14. June 2020

Action SuperCross on Steam, along with an official levelpack at 20:38 UTC by SveinR

Action SuperCross will be released on Steam on June 17th, and with it an official levelpack made from previously unreleased and early versions of levels - dating all the way back to 1997!

Official trailer
Lauta topic
Information on the official website

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 3

Wednesday, 27. May 2020

40 hours update to the Elasto Mania (1995-2018) article at 9:22 UTC by Abula

I did quite a big update to my Elma article:

Also got reader's feedback if I could improve the contrast of Moposite colors. Good point dz! So finally after 20 years you can actually read the contents of this web site!

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 8

Saturday, 23. May 2020

More data to Moposite Archive at 17:57 UTC by Abula

Added Elma Ultimate DVD, Forever CD and Elma Crime to Moposite Archive. Plus some videos that got removed in the original host.

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 0

Tuesday, 5. May 2020

Elasto Mania in Speedrun.com at 17:26 UTC by Abula

Just noticed that there are some nice results in Speedrun.com in Elasto Mania section: https://www.speedrun.com/elma/full_game

Go Zweq! And Spef who comments own playing!

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 2

Thursday, 30. April 2020

Elasto Mania on Steam at 20:20 UTC by Abula

The official website has a huge update!

As a personal opinion it's pretty crazy to see new life around the official version! At least I'm supportive and want to believe it's more an opportunity than a risk. It would be fascinating to see again a new big push in the long history of the game.

Daniel, the representative of the Elasto Mania Team, will be available in Elma Discord channel #official to answer our questions about the future of the game. As I understood you should be able to see the historical messages as well so you can join later.

I also created a Mopolauta topic for this: http://mopolauta.moposite.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10039

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 0

Monday, 20. April 2020

BREAKING NEWS at 12:26 UTC by Abula

Balázs has sold the rights of the game to "Elasto Mania Team".


Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 3

Friday, 15. December 2017

Free Elasto Mania II copies at 13:08 UTC by Abula

Moposite gives 27 copies of the game for free!

Share a story or merit and it's yours (up to #30).

Include your email address too. We will remove the addresses afterwards.

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 35

Wednesday, 13. December 2017

Elma 2 is out at 15:28 UTC by Abula

Believe it or not, but Balazs has released the second version of Elasto Mania!

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 1

Saturday, 14. January 2017

[EOL] New IP tomorrow at 11:09 UTC by Kopaka

Elma Online will be getting a new IP tomorrow January 15th at 12:00 EET. The new IP will be: Simply change this in eolconf.exe after noon tomorrow and you will be good.

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 0

Monday, 30. November 2015

[EOL] New IP at 22:20 UTC by Kopaka

Due to changes to the current service at the host, we have to move to a different kind of server. Most importantly this means a new ip. The change will happen in 26 hours from now on december 2nd at 02:00 EET. The new server is live now so you can test it out right now, just change the ip in eolconf. It runs with a near empty database atm. So far it's working well, but if you run into any issues write a comment.

Category: General  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 0

Thursday, 24. April 2014

Elasto Mania on xkcd at 7:18 UTC by px

Elasto Mania was mentioned on today's xkcd comic #1360 - old files. Have a look at http://xkcd.com !

Category: General  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 1

Friday, 23. November 2012

New EOL IP at 14:43 UTC by Kopaka

The Elma Online server had a move at the host provider which means it has a new IP.

New IP:

Please change the setting in eolconf.exe to this new IP, to connect to EOL.

Category: General  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 0

Friday, 24. December 2010

Merry Christmas! at 4:09 UTC by px

The Moposite crew wishes all the kuskis great holidays!

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 4

Wednesday, 1. December 2010

Paprika and Ultimate at 0:26 UTC by Abula

I have some intresting news.

We have been working for a few months with Kopaka to make Paprika ready. I have lowered my original plans a little bit but the result should be good enough when considering the realities. Then we can finally close the OLD and start concentrating on just one site (NEW).

In addition I've been browsing through my own computer, web sites, Mopolauta and other places for Elma stuff. The goal is to make a huge collection of cool Elma stuff (I'm calling it Elma Ultimate) which will be published later, of course. I've collected about 5-6 GB myself (with help of lists and archives made by other people) but now I request for your help. Check out the list of the contents (levels) and if you have something that is missing, please send it to me somehow (IRC, email to abu at moposite com or Mopolauta) and I might add it. Also if you think something shouldn't be included in the collection, please tell me.

While collecting the stuff I discovered many great things people have created during the years I've been inactive. I'm going to write more detailed news of the best ones when more important things are done (Paprika, Elma Ultimate).

My personal deadline for both projects is the end of this year. Let's hope we will make it.

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 4

Tuesday, 29. June 2010

New belma server IP: at 13:17 UTC by Orcc

If you have problems connecting to belma server, make sure you have the new IP address set in belmaServerConf.exe. The IP address is now

Category: General  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 1

Tuesday, 25. December 2007

Merry Christmas at 16:30 UTC by px

The Moposite crew wishes all the kuskis enjoyable holidays!

Category: General  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 4

Friday, 26. January 2007

More patches from milagros at 15:59 UTC by zworqy

  • ElmaConf12wide: with this version of the config tool for Elma 1.2 you can get widscreen resolutions
  • Elma Online Beta: with this you can play the multiplayer option of Elma online, read the readme file for installation instructions
Development work can be followed and participated in the New versions forum of Mopolauta. Hopefully all these new things will be added to just one patch, which could be called Elma 1.3.

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 4

Ballelma at 15:54 UTC by zworqy

milagros made a patch for playing Elma levels online. Unlike the eol patch, you cannot play multiplayer, because everyone has their own apples to pick. In Ballelma, you play alone, but you can see everyone else on the same level as you. This creates a whole new experience when for example playing battles. Or your team can invent styles
together in a cup event.

Players are identifiable by different shirts, that are defined by BMP images. The download contains quite a few images, but more can be downloaded from Viper_KillerGuy's page.

Download Ballelma.

Please note that Ballelma is still in early development, it is rather stable now but crashes may occur. There are installation instructions in the bs9_readme.txt file. For now, I am running the only, temporary server so far (IP, may change).

If you are connecting through a router and can't see the other players, you have to make sure that NAT (network address translation) is off, or enable port forwarding. More help.

If you have a Windows and/or Linux server that can be used as a more reliable alternative, please contact milagros. The server program is very small and uses very little memory and CPU, the only thing that needs to be fairly good is the Internet connection.

For some cool sreenshots, visit veezay's site. Some videos.

#ballelma in IRCnet is the irc channel for the competition.

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 7

Saturday, 25. March 2006

Elma Online beta at 23:53 UTC by Abula

milagros released a new Elma patch, Elma Online beta, about a month ago. It was patched to the Very final 1.2 which was released on Moposite a few days ago.

By using the Elma Online beta you can multiplay over internet. It might be a bit laggy but at least axxu and rawl managed to drive two WRs by using it. It's recommended to use Skype, Teamtalk or something similar to get communicating easier.
There really is no place for EOL on Paprika yet and I move hosting it further to future.

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 3

Friday, 24. March 2006

Very final 1.2 at 0:47 UTC by Abula

Hibernatus has coded a brand new Elasto Mania 1.2 unofficial version offering many new features.. wait! That was three years ago! Yes, we are very well aware of that and as a main central of Elasto Mania community we should have released the new patch alot earlier. Our sincerest apologies for the delay.

However, we would like to come clear the actual reasons for the delay. The most important reason was that as we have high standards, we must carefully evaluate all the new patches to see whether or not they should be published - which basicly means checking for bugs and so on, because we don't want to confuse people with first a release and th en a bug fix right after. Of course there are many sound arguments against this reasoning, and we might eventually change our standards. One other important reason for the delay was the famous editor bug in the Final version. We wanted to have a solution for that and apparently Hibernatus fixed it for us after we requested it. This happened about one year ago. Also, we had planned on releasing the 1.2 at the same time with Paprika and I thought it wouldn't take more than a month or something. But as it turns out, it took alot longer than that! But anyway, here we have it.

This Very final 1.2 should be totally bug free, no known bugs involved:
  • XP lag bug is fixed
  • Across levels work in total time counter (they were problematic for example in Hoyla Mission total time calculating)
  • The editor bug is fixed
A brief summary of the new things in Elma 1.2 compared to 1.11a:
  • New options such as screen resolution, zoom, centered camera, replay saving reminder and possibility to edit locked levels
  • Lev-Packs
  • Advanced fast search in menus
  • Merging replays
  • Alovolt, brake alias and esc alias keys
  • VCR-style controls when watching replays
A detailed list can be read on the Elma12.txt and some other information on the Elasto Mania information page.

Download the patch.

Category: General  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 3

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