11. March 2023 - Abula
FM will be present in Tapiola Open 2023 today - see you there!

6. September 2020 - Abula
World Cup 8 is going on! Abula, mr and Tisk on fire! Dz tries to finish the level as well.

7. June 2015 - Abula
It's been a bit quiet lately. MP joined FM 2011-01-13. Some of us (me, MP, Tisk, dz) visited FEM14 and will do same in this summer as well. See you there!

22. August 2007 - Abula
We had a meeting in Tisk's home in 26th July 2007, only Tisk and Abula were present. Jokke also visited them.

9. August 2006 - Abula
We had a meeting in Tisk's home. The picture in drivers page is updated.

5. September 2005 - Abula
About a week ago one of the most legendary player, Jokke, decided to quit Elma and FM. Reasons and other details you can ask for himself, there was no drama. He might take part in FEMs. We will update our Attempts later.

21. August 2005 - Abula
World Cup 5 is over and FM placed third in the team standings. Now it's again time to play internals and therefore our Attempts got updated.

18. December 2004 - Abula
Karl0r und0r. Och Abula & mr spelade also.

17. October 2004 - Abula
Red drove five new task records: 9, 10, 11, 13 and 14.

11. October 2004 - Abula
Karl0r back in business, Attempts.

22. August 2004 - Abula
Year 2004 update is done. We didn't find time to update Tasks though, maybe next year. New group picture is added and Attemts updated. Nothing special there.

16. November 2003 - Abula
Karl0r und0r 41 minut0r!

17. August 2003 - mr
Attempts updated.

25. June 2003 - Abula
Attempts updated and a new team picture added.

13. May 2003 - Abula
Attempts updated with our average times.

Zsolt and Jonas did their Tasks.

6. May 2003 - Abula
Our Elma attempts are updated. Some more stuff added to bottom of the page. Grat0rz to Jokke and mr for their new WRs (Hill Legend and Framework) and total time limit breaks. They both entered the 39mins club. FM has 9 WRs and our team total time is 39:06,86.

20. April 2003 - Abula
Welcome to team, our newest member, dz (new team picture will be taken in summer). Elma times are updated too, historical WR by mr.

4. March 2003 - Abula
oizo! drove three beautiful replays to Tasks.

18. February 2003 - Abula
Perry drove a new record to Teippikone. mr will travel to Oulu in two weeks and then we probably fix the lists ready.

23. January 2003 - Abula
Elma attempts are updated. FM has now 8 WRs and our team total time is 39:41,70.

12. January 2003 - Abula
We won't have a guestbook but give feedback on Mopolauta.

11. January 2003 - Abula
Ok, finally we got this team page ready. It contains the basic stuff and some pages are still under construction. Play the levels, praise the times and laugh at our picture. Hi.

Old news
Pasteright by Flowertouching Men, 2000-2004.