Level name Designer Best time Driver Nat.
1. Kukkaanko koskevat psy 22,37 oizo! [TNT] SWE
2. Ruusu psy 21,77 oizo! [TNT] SWE
3. Ruohokukkulat psy 18,42 MoorZe [CC] SWE
4. Teippikone psy 24,24 Perry SWE
5. Clear YeeS 20,43 Markku FIN
6. Elefant YeeS 49,41 oizo! [TNT] SWE
7. Freedown YeeS 21,69 MoorZe [CC] SWE
8. Old Wave YeeS 1:16,04 ramone [CF] SWE
9. Ride YeeS 24,43 Red [AC] SWE
10. Watch out for Stene YeeS 28,05 Red [AC] SWE
11. Zigg YeeS 39,06 Red [AC] SWE
12. Laatikoita onko noita psy 21,34 MoorZe [CC] SWE
13. Fast and Slow Stene 31,21 Red [AC] SWE
14. KillerCrush Stene 42,01 Red [AC] SWE

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