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Name:The Apple Placers
Created:30. November 2003 (zebra)
Last time edited:13. April 2012 (zebra)
Last time active:7 years ago (zebra)
Number of players:2
Old logos:-

This team is maybe the only one (at least the most known) designer team.

To join us, you have to meet the following requirements:
1. total time under 2 hours (jonsta doesn't have but he is an exception)
2. be interested in level making
3. be good at level making
4. be active (though most of our team members fail to do that, which is a pity)
5. have at least 1 year experience of level making
6. have made at least 100 levels

Especially we would like to have someone who could make some html/php stuff for our team. At the moment our team page is a joke and nothing really happens there. Would be great to have a decent homepage for once.

TAP has already arranged a couple of cups, the most important of those being mastercups and the TAP challenge. You can find the cups from zebra's homepage (see the links section).

Some levelpacks exist too, at least the IFLP (Internal Feeling Level Pack).

We have also a team channel in IRCnet, but it's secret :)

TAP (The Apple Placers) was created by jonsta and Behk in February 2004. A couple of days later zebra joined the team. Some months passed and Juble and devan joined. Then I (zebra) was away from internet for some months, and after I got back, I heard that Sowjet had joined us. He has never been very active and has been also considered as ex-member. But I think Behk was the first one who left us officially. After some time, also Juble left. I don't remember exact dates so that's why I'm not writing to the history-box. But I think this was the time when we arranged MasterCup 1. Some months later, jallax joined and some months after that we got 8-ball. We kept the TAP challenge and MasterCup 2. Then 8-ball left us for not being interested in level making anymore. Lately Jappe2 joined us. Let me list the current and ex-members here (the list may or may not to be more up-to-date than the list at the end of this page)

In 2009, Jappe2 left the team and Ramone joined. In 2010 FinMan joined our team as a part-time member, because he is still in another team. We started to form an idea of upcoming mastercup 3. In 2011 Zero joined our team. In April 2012 Devan joined back to TAP.

Current members: Devan, jonsta, Ramone, umiz, zebra, Zero
Partly members: FinMan
Ex-members: Behk, Juble, Sowjet, devan, 8-ball, jallax, Jappe2.

Animated version of the team logo: '' (was too big for the actual team logo)

Our forum: http://appleplacers.setbb.com/

You can find some of our levels on zebra's level page: http://koti.mbnet.fi/zebra/levels.html


2004 FebTAP (The Apple Placers) was created by jonsta and Behk.
2008 JanTEC (TAP Elimination Cup) was launched and jallax left the team.


Players (2 + 4)


Comments (3)

29-08-2007 07:20 <zebra> Hi all who are reading this. What do you think, what kind of cup or levelpack should we make next?
01-09-2007 15:42 <BoneLESS> well, some elimination cup always has a good feeling... or just a great cup, like you always make
06-10-2007 17:03 <jonsta> some cool new stuff is coming I promiss ;)

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