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Name:Mahti Crossers
Created:30. November 1998 (Abula)
Last time edited:22. August 2007 (Abula)
Last time active:54 years ago ()
Number of players:0
Old logos:-

Abula, Carju, Tuska and Ultra started playing Across in February 1999. In July 1999 MC was founded by same guys. At that time MC's team total was 43.xx.xx (Across). Carju had the best total and was the best player of course. One sad day when the sun didn't rise Carju decided to finish höyling after summer holiday. Reasons were school and pyrä (his athletics hobby), which took so much time. That's why team total dropped a little bit (about 1 min). Of course he did comeback like all acrossers have done always after quitting Across =). But his höyling was quite poor. He never became again seriously intrested in Across.

Markku joined MC in 6 January 2000. His total was 35.xx and he took almost all MC's team records. Team total dropped about 5 minutes. Markku the ihmemies from Kemi had been asked to many teams like ahf, DL, GA, APP, CWS and fed. But he decided to choose MC. Why? Only Markku knows that (btw: MC's total was the worst of those all teams which have asked him). MC became famous when Tuska took MC's first WR, Abula published MC's site with legendary MC Studios and Markku was 3rd on the total list.

When the first Elasto Mania Single World Records table #1 has been published had our team 7 WRs! The day was 7 March 2000 (check out MC's WR history). Markku has been in top-10 in Moposite's total list at all time and Abula's and Ultra's total have been quite good ones too. Tuska had concentrated his resourcies to TRs and WRs. MC has also played some multi, especially Abula, Tuska and Ultra. We have had a few multi WRs in Elma history. MC's new site (normally known as The Moposite) has been published on June 2000 and certainly it is one of the best ones (maybe a cooperation with PeXi and FIN has helped us =]).

Review of the situation of team MC on 15 October 2000:
Markku is second in Total list (42:41,xx), Abula is 30. (46:50,xx). Markku has 2 WRs (Bumpy Journey and Downhill), Tuska has WR on Hang Tight and Abula on Loop-de-Loop. In World Cup Markku is 15th, Tuska 45th and Abula 81st. Ultra hasn't hoyled for a while and he decided to retire... So, there are just 3 members in MC now. Maybe we will take 4th member in the future.

New member (6 December 2000):
We have gotten new member: mr from ahf. He bored to ahf's lazy crawling and wanted to ensure his career :). His total is under 44 and he took 12 team records. MC has the best total warrior of Finland (Markku) and now the fourth best is also ours (after Jokke and DMC). More in members info and time tables.

Sad news (31 December 2000):
One of the best elmakuskis ever, Markku, has retired and that's why he wanted to leave MC. Yep, for many reasons he decided to finish his honourable career as quickly as it began. Markku had had always over half of teamrecords, a lot of WRs, a sick total, a great success in World Cup 3 (10th) and the greatests external hoyla (after psy =)). He also made a few nice levels and a lgr. The only thing he didn't participate was discussions on #across because of Kemi serveri :). Markku: you will be in our hearts forever, thank you. At the time he left MC the team total was 42:15,45. Markku had 31 teamrecords and 2 WRs.

Mutta el(a)man täytyy jatkua (=But the life must go on). Abula, Tuska and mr try to keep up our glorious reputation. It's again time to say: maybe we'll take one new member in the future.

World Cup 3: Markku was 10th, mr 25th, Tuska 42th and Abula 52th. Markku got a diploma, A3 poster and a Valmet cap =).

MC and OLP (8 April 2001):
mr has one of the best OLP totals, Abula has also quite good one. Tuska has almost finished all of them :). So, mr is hoyling OLP (and a little bit internals), Tuska nothing. Abula's the last improved internal record is driven on 29th of December 2000. He drove his OLP total in 3 weeks, after that no OLP hoylings.

EML (10 August 2001):
Abula and Tuska started first season of EML in 4th division. mr didn't want to take part in now, maybe later. Quite soon Tuska was promoted to 3rd division. Abula is 4th in the 4th division, pretty good. In Kahvicup we have gotten some points too: Abula is 3rd, mr is 5th and Tuska is 24th in total points.

Tuska left MC (25 November 2001):
Tuska, one of the four founders of MC has left the team and quitted Elma hoyling actively. This is sad for our team but as I said after Markku's quitting: "The life must go on." Hopefully we will find new active member. Tuska has had many great WRs and other good times, never been a total warrior. He also made Cemetery and Across lgrs which a lot of people are using.


1999 JulyCreated by Abula, Carju, Tuska, Ultra
1999-09-01Carju quits
2000-01-06Markku joins
2000-03-07In first WR table we got 7 WRs
2000-10-15Ultra retires
2000-12-06mr joins
2000-12-31Markku quits
2001-11-25Tuska quits
2002-08-06Abula and mr quits: MC has no members anymore


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Comments (3)

22-08-2007 00:36 <Abula> Those were the times :')
24-08-2007 18:19 <Mawane> It was a great team.
17-02-2014 21:01 <magicman> aw nice story

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