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Name:The Elmasturbators
Admins:Raider, J-sim
Created:30. November 2001 (MIF)
Last time edited:22. August 2007 (J-sim)
Last time active:17 years ago (Raider)
Number of players:6
Old logos:-

A once very prosperous team with exciting WR's and members from all of Scandinavia now debunkt to an existense where I (J-sim) talk shit on #across and play belma and sick_mambo ocasionally might do the same, but nothing much more than that.
Is this a result of the condition the elma community in general is in or are we just getting old and should get ready for retirement? The excitement of teamplay in cups or just fucking around in a teamchannel doesn't exist anymore and I'm wondering if it even does that in ANY team these days? Team spirit does not seem to exist the way it used to. Nowadays when a cup comes a long and you should be looking towards your regular teammates for cooperation instead we just make up cupteams on the fly. And we don't really need teams for internal styles either, noone plays those anymore. In battles (which is all I ever play now, and I know it's the same for many others) teams aren't necessary.
Paprika has first officially opened this team section today (22.08.07) but is it too late? Is the concept team in elma already so beat up that it won't survive?
My team, The Elmasturbators, more or less is dead and I feel kind of sad about that. But I wouldn't want to join any other team, this team was my first team and my only team. We've had a hell of a time back in the day. Joining a new active team wouldn't make sense, because why should I do it? To me it doesn't seem like any teams nowadays have that much to offer.

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2001 DecCreated by Vandmand, MIF, Gizz, J-sim


Players (6 + 2)


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23-08-2007 17:18 <KD> I agree with every word you wrote. By the way lately my teammates doesn't even share contest re

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