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Name:Elma Friends
Created:30. November 2005 (Dx)
Last time edited:01. May 2020 (Bjenn)
Last time active:This year (Tm)
Number of players:5
Old logos:EF

Active players: Bjenn, Kazan, Tm, Nekit, iltsu, Ecchi.


The team were created in early july 2006 by niN (left the scene once but rejoined it), Kelgar (famous external-levels player), Dx (who arrived back in the scene after almost 6 months of inactivity) and Thor (played internals or battles once in a while). Shortly after they agreed that the teamname should be ElmaFriends (lol :P) Thor easily created this site to host record-tables and some information. Anyway we decided to make a team/clan called Elma Friends. Later on a hungarian kuski called Astral joined up with the team and are now playing for us. We also agreed that we should have cooperative members, a member that not belong to our team officially but take care off general updates and support. Karesz, Raven and TarGEnoR joined us as cooperative members in Aug 2006.
As Thor said in the early news the mainreason with this elmateam is not to participate active in the elma community such as mopolauta and irc-channels. We founded our own channel called #teamEF though. We look at elma as a fun game to play sometimes (waste some sparetime) but no to offen though, to make new internal or external times and play contests or battles.
After some months in this team niN left us and created his own team with some friends, but we're hoping they're going to rejoin. niN hosted some really nice contests and levels and kept this team more than active during his short time here.
In the end of the year 2006 team VAN's members niN, SmaXa and Phoenix are playing for us. We're very glad that niN went back to us, we're also looking forward to play with our new members SmaXa and Phoenix.
May 25th 2007 Bjorn joined us, he's from sweden and playing alot elma so that really nice to have him here.
In early Aug 2007 niN yet again made the decision to leave us! Sadly for the team but we wish him good luck. But =)..... in late aug 2007 Labs asked if he could join and we immediately agreed he could do so. We're looking forward to play with him =). ScHuMaChEr a kuski from Argentina also wanted to join in the middle of September 2007, he seems like a nice guy and he's improvning his internal times rapidly over the last months, we agreed to let him join aswell.
The polish kuski Kowal asked if he could join EF, since he's mastering internals quite well and seems like a nice guy we agreed to let him join us 24th November 2007.
Because of "inactivity" regarding some members we decided to let one more join us. 23th April 2008 joined an Austrian kuski who've been in the scene for quite a long time. Lukazz said yes when we asked him to join the team. A nice guy along with very good internal skills =).
Thoughts about bringing team GF and EF togehter resultet in that Xarthok officially joined us 18 June 2008. Decisions about the other players in GF will wait until they ask if they can join us aswell. Anyway Xarthok is a max nice guy who's very active in the elma scene since late 2002. He's also a good internal player and regulary plays belma. =)
Anyway the team currently contains 9 active members and unfortuantely we've no plan in letting more people join us at the moment.
Written by Thor 28th June 2008


Players (5 + 8)


Comments (14)

09-09-2007 19:18 <Giancarlo> me iz coop-membar \o/ plz mention teh coop-membarz too ;|
24-11-2007 19:26 <Kowal> =)
15-03-2008 20:06 <Mawane> hi, you'll win for the team total points in TEC :P
15-05-2008 06:45 <Kowal> o/
13-07-2008 12:13 <balls> \o
18-10-2008 03:26 <Mawane> \o/
10-11-2008 20:43 <Labs> o/
16-11-2008 00:38 <Kowal> \o
20-12-2008 23:51 <Mats> \o/
01-01-2009 08:01 <Haruhi> o/
15-01-2009 23:25 <Mawane> \o
15-02-2009 08:23 <Haruhi> \o/
25-02-2009 18:19 <Labs> bye.
08-08-2016 15:57 <Sla> \o

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